Thursday, March 21, 2013

Long road....

I have been busy doing up some projects for others. :) It's been keeping me busy and out of trouble.
A friend asked if I could make a pair of slippers... she found the style and I dug around and found a pattern. I had some trouble getting the gauge right, but they turned out nice!
My new sister, asked if I would make her a set like Gwyn's hat! Of course!!! So this is the gorgeous set!! Super soft and snug! Warm the second you put them on!
Gwyn's original fuzzy hat went missing on a trip to the city... so I made a new one... we checked back at our stops next trip back to the city and voila the original was found! But miss Gwyn seems to really like this one better anyways(it fits better!)
The same sister who requested the hat, scarf and mitt set did request these as well! They turned out very well. I would make the bottoms on the next ones thicker but they look good!
A crochet bag I whipped up to donate for the bag raffles at the gymnastics year end.
Booties for James cousin.
Newborn baby girl booties I just had to try! They are really cute! Now just to wait for a baby girl to come along.
Gwyn wanted a pair of booties. They turned out well but did not fit her feet all that good.. they should have been bigger in some places and smaller in others.
This, is Thump. Our new addition.
This is Saskatchewan\s highways this winter.
Gwyn is so ready for spring!!
Now this was the picture of our highways Monday March 11. This was a good patch! I sure wish the weather would smarten up! I hate that is gets nasty on my big running days!!!
A crochet backpack.
Our.... stray addition. (more to come)

Gwyn eating Marshmallow and rice Krispie off a spoon after daddy gathered it all up for her! She was pretty tickled!!
Gwyn dressed herself for school. No fight!! Was FABULOUS!! Also let me do her hair!!! NO FIGHT!!! Yay for reward charts!!!
Well now you have a pictoral update. James would like the computer soooooooo... I will give you the whole rundown later! Don't worry, It won't be too terrible long until I post it. I have missed you all.

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