Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oi, picture, almost catch up again! LOL

Happy Halloween!

After trick or treating! (we had shed our toque, mittens and boots)
Gwyn wrote her name all by herself...  (I gave her the letters)
Old washer going out....

What Gwyn's play space looked like while the new washer was installed.(had to take the pantry out to level the floor)

This is just to the left of the pic above. Small space even smaller!
Wow the kitchen looks bigger....
Drawing on the $5.00 roll end! Best $5. I spent in a while!!(hours of entertainment had and many left in it)

Printed her name, unprompted. All on her own.
Hmm.. what to draw next?
Hair cut!!! LOVE the Rub in Colour!!

So does she! (I got a purple to do it at home!!)

Birthday girl!

LOL I think she liked the outfit....unwrap, strip and on.

Home made birthday piniata. Only crafty pic in this post....
Not the safest booster seat... not the worst... LOL (Yes I made her get off it)


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