Saturday, February 04, 2012

Picture posting again... LOL sick of them yet?

Gwyn with her feet in the socks I made for her!

I think she likes them.. she wore them for awhile.

Gwyn and Halo's artwork! Miss Halo had mommy's help in the top frame.
Gwyn's frames..prepicture. sorry, can you tilt your head?

Halo's frames. She had Mommy's help on the bottom one! LOL

Gwyn in her kitchen.

Gwyn's stacking. I think she may have been asking to go outside to play!! LOL

Loves her slide. Even in the winter time.

Pulling her toboggan back from the post office.

Found a stick. Drew an A. Then carried on.

Starting another A

A finished

See my stick momma? LOL

Gwyn is perfecting her picture taking... LOL too bad she hasn't mastered the art of more flattering angles!!
And well.. that was our last 2 days I thinks...

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