Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pics to enjoy....

I drew Gwyn a dog. then she coloured on the page. She then insisted that we take a picture of the drawing. After taking the picture.... and a picture of her with the drawing, she took the drawing and crumpled it up. Go figure.


Greek Phyllo Wrapped chicken, round 2. (was good enough to do again :))

Gwyn spinning...

And spinning.....

forced smile.

gaming it up.
We actually had some weather Monday that wasn't so warm she would be soaked in two seconds or so cold she would freeze in those same 2 seconds. So, we went out to enjoy it!

Gwyn made a bazzillion snow angels! Grandma T. she was competing with U I am sure!!!

We came in and had some nummy yummy hot chocolate... mmmm mmm with marshmallows!!

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Miss Em said...

I don't envy the snow. I am sure it is headed our way soon. The chicken looks AMAZING and I am starving so the pictures actually made my stomach growl. HA!