Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's peeping at you....

 Ok, so, Happy Birthday Darren!! I hope you like it when you get it. I finished it before your birthday... but I am afraid I will have to mail it. Now, please remember the boxer's you got in the summer... dumb ass... LOL Ok, now just hoping you have a great day!!! Love ya!!
 I made a bloodshot eyeball hat for my BIL. He is 4 ft tall so it will be very neat to see it on his head, as opposed to some guy who's 6' something because the concept would be lost. No Dar, not a short joke, just the truth of it.
 Some of you might actually remember the eyeball hat I made for Gwyn. Well, the fact that Mommy had one on, made her put hers on.. I must say she is much cuter!!! :)

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