Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fishy fishy fishy.....

Ok, so I have been making fishy hats. You all know that right? LOL You all saw the pink pie eye before. Well.. it's eyes were bugging me. They were too small. So, I redid them. They look much better now.
 I made a Crazy Crissy Fishy. Swirly eyes and all. Finished last night. Very colourful and fun! The green is not so light, it is a neon green!! Very fun!
On the needles, Anemie Shawlette and Juliet Scarf.  I have 3 more fish to make, for sure. Who knows who will ask for what next! LOL I hope to get to sewing my bag up soon. We shall see how the time goes. I want to sew some project bags too. I love my big project bag, but I can put all my little ones in it.. LOL So, I want something small I can grab on the way out of the house!! LOL Rrrrriiiggghhhttttt... LOL I'll get there!
Anyhow, will catch you all later.

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Miss Em said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! I am almost ready to ship the yarn to you. Just looking for something extra special for you!!!! I think I am going to send FedEx as UPS is now on strike. Ugh!