Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This an that...

Hi, it has come to my attention that my word verification is being a ..... booger... so I have turned it off. Thank you for letting me know.. I didn't even know it was on!!  Miss Em.. as for skating... if you take her.. and you want to try the cheap option.. grab a pair of bob skates.  I read reviews on them and apparently they were great for those that used them. I on the other hand let Gwyn try on real skates then showed her the bob skate.. OOPs! She wanted the real skate and nothing to do with the bob skate. Course my mom said I was the same!! As for the rest of life.. I hope to make some sugar cookies with Gwyn soon!! With any luck tomorrow!!! I cast on some mittens for her.. we shall see how far they go... I hope to make a few pair... maybe spread some around with the holiday cheer.. but will see how that turns out!!  Anyways.. I am off to work on said mittens.. tried 2 at a time.. not good.. maybe too much needle I dunno... But back to double points anyways..

Catch ya later mittens are calling!!

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Miss Em said...

Oh Yeah totally going for the bob skates. I can't wait! Thanks for the advice.