Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and such!

So, I am going to tell a little bit of a pictorial version of our Christmas... LOL
My mom and dad's Christmas tree.

These are the socks that you on Facebook have seen, but that I had to keep quiet everywhere else in order to surprise My dad!!! I think he was surprised....

My awesome toe grafting!!!

 So, we had a very busy season. We made the drive into Regina on Monday. Then Tuesday we took off to Tugaske for a visit. Was awesome to see everyone there again...  Then back to Regina on Thursday afternoon.  Relaxed a wee bit then Christmas hit. My girl opened a present Thursday, Thank you great auntie N and great uncle W. Christmas eve she opened 2 presents. One being from Great Uncle S. and Great auntie T. Thank you for the fantastic book. The other being the traditional Pajama's(new jammies Christmas eve, if you needed them or not). Then, on to Christmas morning!

 Originally I had envisioned following her up the stairs with the video camera to get her reaction when she came up. She slept longer than I did. So, I was upstairs already waiting for her to bring daddy up with her. So, Daddy did not change her bum and as I was filming Gwyn seeing all the stockings and presents laid out  he was telling me how I needed to change a bum.. so.. no good video... at least til I get it on the computer and see if I can edit it.  Now, she came upstairs and went right past all the stockings and presents right to the table her Grandpa built and Grandma stained and varnished.  After sitting and colouring there for a while she then decided to get down and play with her train... It was a while yet before she  had any interest in the stocking and such that was there for her.
Colouring at the table Grandpa made!

Playing with her train.
 Gwyn was very helpful! She delivered stockings to everyone. Delivered presents too! She even helped her Grandma open some of her stocking and maybe some others too.. but only caught this one myself!

 She wore her headbands around her neck! What a character!

Christmas was a very big day for Gwyn... she petered out about noon.... The rest of the day... she had a nap with grandma, but was still very tired all day! 
Enjoying her chair from Grandma and Grandpa!
 Boxing day we saw Auntie N and Cousin R. Opened presents and visited.....

Ready to go out! - Ready to go!
  By Monday, Gwyn was ready to go.. we aren't sure if it's just out she wanted or... home.. but she got really cranky in the evening and we took her down to bed. She would not settle... asked her if she wanted to go home and she settled right down and was a whole new child.  So, Tuesday we finished our running about and headed home.

I had saved her present from us on the  table for when we arrived home. (The train set and jammies she got in the city were also from us....)  The funny thing about the present I saved... LOL I came in and  had to pee.. James was unloading the van. All good.. Gwyn, unwrapped her present!! LOL She loves it!

And well that about wraps up Christmas I guess! We are home safe and sound... all good!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! And that you have a very Happy New Year, through the year!!

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