Sunday, September 26, 2010

The things we do.....

Yes, this is a picture of me with an ice cream pail on my head. Why? Well.. it made my little Gwyn laugh.  LOL she has been under the weather with a cold now for 2 weeks. She is also teething at the same time.... Heaven help me. So, Here is me. With a bucket on my head to make my Gwyn laugh.

Gwyn has been active at home through her cold. Walking her dog. LOL Yes, inside.. it has only been the last day or so that has been... lets say half decent and maybe worth going outside.
 Our new window. It's fabulous! I can see outside again(previously covered with a piece of plywood). This pic was taken at night.. during the day it is far more... breathtaking.. LOL Thank you again for the window honey!!! I am sooo excited that it actually opens!!!!
 And here our girlie is just loungin' out eatin' a cookie... a bran cookie... They are good.. but they sure as sh*t are not all bran!! Though, my sweet pea does like to eat all bran buds! LOL She is awesome!

So, that's life. I am off to Wadena to drop off some Mom's Pantry orders for the fundraising. I am also attempting cabbage rolls.. on my own... Momma help me.. I sure hope they taste like something... LOL
Catchya later, gotta run!


Miss Em said...

Wow you are busy cooking up a storm. I hope she feels better soon. It is so hard being mama when the little ones are sick. By the way the bucket is dashing! =)

James said...

One word for the cabbage rolls... YUMMY.