Friday, September 10, 2010

I don't really know.

My beautiful girl :)
Grandma found our girl some pretty bedding. Now just to get her room in shape... we are part way there but still have a long way to go. She did however snuggle right into that bedding and had a great sleep first time in it.  We are still working on the, Gwyn's bed versus our bed. Ask her where her bed is and she will still go to ours... may just take some time. Just need to be patient....
We had a giant pile of gravel in mom and dad's site out camping. The kids loved playing in it. It is there because they are putting electric in all the sites.  Seems rediculous to have the camp ground pulled up in such a mess over the long weekend.... but I suppose. Those poor buggers camping on the beach probably would have rather had a site, but, the beach or bust. Luckily mom and dad have the seasonal site. Mind you after the rain we had Sunday night to Monday.. I don't know how lucky it was... but everyone was good and everyone got out. I went to the city because, I had to wash the sleeping bag.... and uhmm dry the tent!! It worked great to hang it in Dad's garage... thank goodness I did that because it was too wet here at home to have hung and dried it.... Rain rain and more freaking rain!!!

So, we are home safe. Had a great Labour day weekend. Had a good visit in the city. Now to break in to the norm again....
OOHHHH!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! for Gwyn.....
 She starts GYMNASTICS!!!
 on Sunday!!!
 OOH how fun!!!
 I can't wait for her.. she has no idea...
 Should be great!!!

Anywho.. I am off to bed.. Midnight again dawgnaggit~!

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