Sunday, September 12, 2010


Gwyn started gymnastics today. I think she will enjoy it more and more every time.  I know if things get better... ooh wait.. don't say if.. say when, I think I will enjoy them more too. She is a very busy toddler to say the least and has had no structure... yes, I said NO STRUCTURE what so ever. At home we run loose, at grandma's we run loose. When she is hungry, we feed her, when she is tired, she naps. With reason of course.. It's usually, get up ungawdly early, have breakfast, snack at 10ish, nap shortly after, lunch at noonish, snack in the afternoon, super around 5 or 6ish, then bed again. That is a far cry however to any structure. So we will say, today's class was an experience. She isn't one to sit still.. so sitting still for directions was difficult, waiting her turn was also difficult. But she did love it as she cried when it was time to go.  She must have had fun.

Though I will admit I left feeling less than perfect. I don't know if it is just the funk I have fallen in lately or what.. but, I felt like Gwyn was the only one acting up and that somehow it was all my fault. That I had failed to give her some skill she needed to function in the setting.  Though, after calming and being reassured by many, she was just reacting to structure and a new environment.  That after a few times she will get  used to it and all will be better. And she was not the only one.. being a toddler! LOL But tunnel vision blurs the edges around what you see right?

Anyways, I am soooo very much looking forward to next week. To see how much fun We will have! To see how much better it gets :)

BTW, she is sleeping in her bed as we speak.. though it has been this way.. sleep in her bed until.. oh 2am then back to bed with us. *sighs* some day right??


Katrinka said...

Hell yeah. Emil still wanted to sleep in my bed when he was four, sometimes. It's natural enough.

Miss Em said...

It is so reassuring to know there are other mothers out there like me. We don't have much structure either and somethings I feel like we should. Marla is also sneaking out of her room at 4am we have taken to putting up a baby gate in her doorway. She turns her light on sees the gate and goes back to sleep....sometimes.