Sunday, June 13, 2010


(sorry for the smudgy picture, I think I had a fingerprint on my lens... dunno who/how that woulda got there....)
I can't believe we are here already. My girl must have decided to potty train herself... I think she wants panties. She can't yet tell me, but actions speak loudly. She has been known to get a hold of a pair of mommy's and try to put them on!! OH MY!!!  Such a tiny girl in... wait we will say generous panties!!! LOL But this weekend she seemed to have made up her mind she was going to use the potty and that was that. She has done amazing!! I think I have changed hmmm 6 or 7 diapers this weekend.... some because of me.. some because of  lack of words..... and only morning ones otherwise. Wow is all I can say!! She is one amazing little girl.

Tonight, she brings her blanket to me.... she is ready for bed.. so it's here is my blanket.. wrap me up and give me a boob(yes still breastfed and hanging on to it tightly). And off to sleep she went! Wonderful and amazing my girl!!!


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My Kateness said...

That's how easy all toilet training should be. All moms should be so lucky.