Friday, July 30, 2010

Uhhh... Yup... been a while? LOL

Over a month!!! Been a while. Time to get back to this. I miss this. I get tied up in those damn games on FB and they suck up all my time! I am done with them though. Turning over a new leaf. 5lbs lighter.... and determined to get my shit together.  I need to get my house in order and get me in order. I know I am not much out of order but, I still need some tweaking... don't we all??? LOL
I realize I love love love writing here, but never seem to have time. Well, lets see if less FB=more Blogger? We shall see. Anyways, might not see a bunch of me to begin with. Need to reform my habit. It was so easy when we were never home.. one of the first things I would do is write  here to let everyone know what I had been up to. Well.. what WE had been up to.  What I crafted er whatever.  That is something else I want to get back. Crafting. I want to put a few rows on a sock every night after "G" goes to bed. Maybe, I can get a pair of socks made for everyone for Christmas.  As it sucks to be a farmer right now. Yeah it does, but we won't talk about that. Focus on the positive right????
Little G is getting so big!!!  Long and lean and beautiful!!! Full of life and exploring all!!! All great and wonderful things.
Sighs.. it is hot in here.... I am off to accomplish something... hmmm... maybe... we shall see...
Catch you in a bit!!!

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