Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Weeks.... Really?????

I can not believe she is 4 weeks today!!! Wow, time flies.... Were we not just rushing to the hospital yesterday? OH and Christmas is this week... where did that come from???? Glad all my Christmas stuff was done way before baby girl was due.... I don't think I would have finished a thing had I left it! She is growing like a weed... and had a personality I tell ya! The expressions I can get from her... I wish I had a camera on my shoulder half the time you know...

Well here are a couple 4 week pics for you. I was actually taking pics of the little pinafore/sweater that she is wearing... but she looked so darn cute!!! It just is too bad that the little long sleeve onsie fits but doesn't go with the pinafore... and that those pants are soooo sooo big on her!!! I swear I could have put her in there twice! And the sleeper from the same set... just fits!!! I tell you she is long and lean!!! Look out world!!

Well, I love her to bits, so I have to go!

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Grandma said...

She is just so adorable in those pics!