Sunday, December 07, 2008

2 weeks... and growing!!!

Yesterday, Was what the computer said was my due date... Well. Baby today is 2 weeks old!!! Wow, it is hard to believe I have been at it for 2 weeks now. Baby is a dream. She sleeps good(not through the night, but has a schedule we can deal with), travels good, eats good. She cries in the tub... but she needs to get used to it. She cries from gas bubbles... but wouldn't we all if we could?

Anyways, Yesterday we went up to visit a very excited auntie and cousins. Below is a pic of the cousins who were very excited to meet Gwyn. (btw. was saturday, play cloths are all good!)

I missed out on a pic of Auntie with Gwyn.... But, Auntie was very excited to shop for a girl!!! She found beautiful goodies for her!I love this little sweater and pant set!!! The sweater is soooo fun!The above will be very sweet when the weather turns nice again! (LOL in the 6 mo category)
And of course some goodies that will definitely be handy!

I will have to show some pics of all the good stuff that was given at the shower and such.. later.. as I left it in the city. Mom volunteered to wash it all.. and going home with a new babe... I was not going to turn down that offer!!!

Baby Gwyn today! She was moving around a lot when I took these pics.. so the blur is from her moving around!!!

And here it begins! These 2 sleepers.. she never even got on her body once... I went to put the blue one on her after she had a bath today.... and I couldn't get it over her shoulders!!! she is too long for it........ and well on close inspection... The one behind it with the cute little geese won't fit either...same length!!!
And so the growing begins!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well she is just getting cuter and cuter!! What a little doll you have there. She is growing too. :) You will have to keep an eye on those clothes. I know that I had to give away lots of clothes that still had the tags on them as I kept thinking that they were still too big and didn't try them until too late. :(
Hope you are getting lots of rest.
Keep the pics coming.

Grandma said...

Yes, it looks as though Auntie Tammy really did have fun! :) Too cool! There are some really cute clothes there. The pics of Gwyn are gorgeous. She is a beautiful baby! And I'm not saying that just because I'm her Grandma. lol