Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Weeks Baby!!

Well, Baby Gwyn is now 3 weeks old. As of yesterday of course! Sorry no 3 week photo yet.... I just got the ones up from the shower that Auntie N. had for her, when she was all of 6 days old!!!! Well... I guess I shall let you look at the pics... sorry no knitting yet... still have yet to have time... but I am betting on one of these days getting time to finish up a hat I started and get onto something new! Should figure out what I want to make next? Maybe not... Just going to take it one day at a time.. if I manage a few stitches, good for me... if not... so be it! Gwyn comes first!!!! Proud Grandpa holding her above, and Auntie W. is holding her below... to show her off!! No pic of grandma holding her... as grandma is behind the camera!!! LOL (Nov.30)

Another Auntie, Auntie N. and Cousin R. admiring her.(Nov.29th) Cousin R. is holding her below. Doesn't he look proud to hold her? Beautiful pair....

Cousin N. also got his chance to hold her... he was glad she was soo quiet for him... He and cousin R. both look like naturals with her!
Great Uncle S. held her Nov.29th too.... the night before Great Auntie N's shower. He had a function to go to... all dressed up!!
Great Auntie N. had first dibs on holding her at the shower.. she figured she was throwing the shower she gets first hold.. I agree!!!

Great Auntie R. looked her over good too.. and I think she made the cut!!

Second Cousin T. and Great Auntie D.
Uncle D. was excited to hold her... This is when he held her Nov. 30th before the shower..... He and Auntie W. were so excited when she was born that they rushed down and actually got to hold her while we were still in the Labour and Delivery room.

Auntie W. getting her baby fix... this auntie gets craving holding her so bad she dreams about it!!! talk about excited!!!

We made our round trip out to Outlook to show her off to the folks at the Riverbend Co-Op. Then onto Tugaske where she got to meet Grandma T., Uncle M., Auntie R., Cousin R., Auntie K., S&S and some of the locals.... We had a great visit!! My only regret... we only got a pic of Uncle M. holding her! Not Grandma and Auntie's! Next trip I guess!!!
Well.. so much love... but I am off and running. Catch you all later!

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Val said...

Looks like Gwen is the newest member of the family and a first baby girl! How exciting and special for all of you. How can she be 3 weeks old already?