Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy News and Great fun...

Well... Let's start with happy news.... Hubby and I are extending the family. Our new arrival is due Dec. 7 - 10 ish. My dad is saying baby will be here in November though... Just because My sis and I were both early... we shall see.... Been so busy with doc appoints and work and and and... I am surprised I remember where I live... LOL It's all good though. :D

Now.. great fun!!! Went off to the Sask. Stitches Conference for the weekend! Had Classes on knitting from Lily Chin. Was great to meet Lily and visit with her. The weekend was very fun too!!! Mind you the classroom we were in was very warm!!! First day we sat in the middle and it was too warm... second day we sat at the back in front of the fan!!!! Good move.. as I think I wouldn't have made it through the day otherwise. :)

Anyhow... that beyond work is about all that is going on.....
Guess I will catchya later!!!

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West Coast Diva said...

Congrats!! I have a December baby:) Now is this your first???