Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Robins... Bins....

Hey, Have some more babies for you to see. Remember the nest pics with the eggs... here are the babies that came from that!

On other exciting news.... We finished Tugaske's Bins. Now we are off and running to Outlook. I really should say that Hubby and his dad finished Tugaske's bins. I was a little under the weather and they took off and did 4 bins one day, 2 bins the next between rains... skipped a day and did 5 bins.. mind you the roof on these bins were done complete already. Just sidewall and mounting to finish them... but they sure were speedy about it! Feels good to be done those ones... will feel even better when we are done the Outlook bins! :)
Anyhow, I have things to get done.. so off and running... will catch you all later.

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