Thursday, January 16, 2014

Less than a month between posts!

Hi, Wow, I do really miss you all here in bloggy land. But I must say I have been SUPER BUSY. I started a Facebook page: Cindy's Custom Creations . I have been crafting up some fun stuff. Running after Miss G. And all the good stuff.

This was my life Monday:
Well.. it was one of those.. dammit why not listen to your gut days.. but it all worked out in the end. LOL Mr. took my van and car seat to Saskatoon today(when he told me he was going to take it last night my gut said, don't let him take your van tomorrow, but I thought wth git over it). LOL I get a phone call from the school, just as I finished dishes, cat box and rabbit cage cleaning standing in the kitchen wondering what to tackle next the phone rings. Come get Gwyn she is sick! So, no seat, text my wonderful friend, that I have no idea what I would do without.. to see if she has one kicking about.. Yay! she does. So, take the truck to town, with the box full of snow and dog kennel poo, on icy highways(not used to driving the truck in winter, that box of extra weight sure helped! LOL) but made it. Got the seat, got the girl. Got home, she is begging to play outside or go play with a friend she feels fine. Mean mommy that I am made her curl up in the chair and rest. Let me tell ya, there is nothing like driving the truck to town worried that your going to dog poo bomb the car behind you!!! LOL And yup.. that was my day!! LOL

And yesterday, yesterday was no school. But we hauled our wee girl out to the dentist and shopping... grocery shopping that is no fun for her at all! All things considered she was AMAZING! She was good waiting in the dentist office for mommy to get her wisdom tooth pulled. She was pretty darn good shopping too! Growing up so fast. Wow. I know some settings are just like poking her with a stick and I thought the dentist office waiting room might be as it is very adult oriented. Maybe she did well because it was so bland in there. I don't know but aside from the 30001 "are we there yets?' She was great and I told her so! So did the receptionist at the dental office! So anyway, yes got my wisdom tooth out.. Doesn't hurt as bad as when it was bugging me last week. Except my jaw is kinda tender feeling.. to be expected when they have to pull such a giant tooth out I am sure! 

Anyways, here are some pics of what I have been working on:
Cabbage Patch Wiggie's (basic beanie with add on)
Ladies Milky Slippers by Mon Petit Violon
Little beanie's donated to the school
Organization Now! by Tamara Kelly
My interpretation of a baby "Ladies Milky Slipper"
  And that's all I have to show right now... I hope to have these booties done up quick. Then post pics! LOL

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