Friday, January 03, 2014

Catching up... or trying to???

Ok pictures first this time because I made you wait last time! LOL
I have been trying to catch up on my  requests... but the list seems to get longer every day! I am not complaining because I love it! But, sometimes it feels a little boggling! LOL
My sister had requested the cup holder mitten for Christmas but I ran out of time... so she got her jamma pants less the cup holder. Now the holder is done up for her!
The Helm(tyrant/viking) is for a wonderful lady who works at the school. She requested a minion(pic in the last post) and the tyrant. So that's all caught up! Yay!
Now to this years requests! I have a minion hat to make and 2 wiggy hats(you seen the cabbage patch kid hats?) Then I posted the cup holder on Facebook and have a request for it.. though not sure what I would charge. It is easy enough, but time consuming. :) So not sure....
But, that's what is going on round here.. wait.. I had Missy clean out her stuffies this morning.. then tried for the movies but that was not happening.. maybe stuffies was all she could face today? LOL Oh well try again later right? Anyways off and running to hopefully get the dishes done up and maybe a hat or two?

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