Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting into routine...

Let me tell you... when you are used to no restrictions to your coming and going and doings.... School... regular school... really makes you stop in your tracks...and yes... We have been very busy!!! But we have been carving out a routine. It's actually feeling more natural now to follow this routine as well... thank our lucky stars!
Miss Gwyn LOVES Pre-K! Thank you my lucky stars! And really why wouldn't she? It looks like there is soo much fun to be had in the classroom! I just can't wait til she can come home and tell me what she did that day! It will come. I know. She chatters on more and more all the time... new words are falling out... new sounds... wonderful things! And she gets to access the library at the school.. so 4 days a week we have a fresh new story to read... picked out all by herself! :) LOVE IT!
I have been knitting.. and coffee ing... and I have made some good friends.
Mom is coming this week... to visit here.. it's pretty close to our last visit that way.. but, Dad is out of town working and Mom wants to come see Gwyn at home and check out her school and all that good stuff :) I can't wait for her to arrive tomorrow.. I know that is kinda weird being we were just there for Thanksgiving.. but I don't know.. been a while since she has been this way I guess. :P So, now I shall go hunt down some pictures to show you what all we have been up to.... and hope you enjoy my pics and my ramblings.. LOL

WELL, I would SHOW you some pics.. but apparently my computer is not talking to my SD card... so I'm sorry you gotta wait on the pics... any luck they will be here soon!! dognaggit....

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Miss Em said...

You guys are as busy as we are around here. Isn't getting into a new routine hard!