Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st PreK Day!

Wow, Yes, YES! It is true. Gwyn did get a seat in PreK after all! Yay! 
She had her very first day today! Can you tell by the pictures how excited she was? She was a wee bit nervous too!

She did amazing! I don't know if I was actually there 5 minutes or not! LOL She got in the door saw all the great fun and other kids.. changed her shoes... put on her art smock and was painting when I left. When I came back to get her they were outside playing! She had great fun. She cried she didn't want to leave.. but I said we had to go to gymnastics and that we could come back tomorrow.. and so she pointed to the van.. she didn't want to miss gym.. but she didn't want to leave school either! I hope that sticks! LOL Was a very good day! Busy, but good!
I have been crafting still too. I have been having this awake too early.. or something issue.. not sure what the deal is.. but I am sure it will straighten out.. adjusting to a new schedule in the house is always a challenge isn't it? 
Slippers above, and booties below.
And an Owlie for a little girl who would NOT wear a hat! Now, she wears it and hangs it up so it doesn't get wrecked! Sometimes.. it just has to be made special! LOL

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Miss Em said...

AAHHHH our babies are little girls now!!! Isn't that so exciting and so sad at the same time.