Friday, August 17, 2012

Wow, what a couple weeks!

We rode the Gymnastics float in the Parade! Gwyn loved throwing candy and Frisbees to the crowd!

We got rid of the couch. And have 2 comfy chairs now! Missy LOVES to lounge out in them... for her 5 second rests.

I made a barrette catcher.... I hated them all jumbled in a box that we couldn't see what we had or where the mate was! 
 I plan on making a better one later..... Maybe for xmas.. If I am lucky! LOL
We got Yeow fixed and his shots up to date. He has been much better with Miss G. Still not perfect but it's animal and young child.. Going to be a learning curve!

We went to the fair in the next town over. The face painter was a wonderful "grandma" lady. She did a paint on me to see what Gwyn thought. Gwyn didn't want to be painted. But wanted to PAINT! This lady was soooo fabulous she let Gwyn pain my arm... and some of the other... while we visited.. Gwyn mixed colours and painted and had a great time!

We lost one of the Favorite shoes the day of the parade! I called all the places we had been.... the pool, gas bar and grocery store included.

2 weeks later at swim lessons I get the notion to check the lost and found at the pool! There in the top of the box is miss G's other shoe! She was sooo excited to have it back!
 She wore them the next day but did not kick them off in the van... and hollered when they came loose! LOL
Jumping on the trampoline
Swimming lessons!

Big JUMP!!!

Flutter boarding! She is amazing! Flutter board, noodle.. on her own... wow!

Swimming to catch mommy!

Rocketing off the side and kicking
Miss Gwyn passed her Sea Turtle. Next time we get her in lessons she will be a Sea Otter! So fun!

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