Monday, August 06, 2012

We have been soooo busy :)

We had a week of swim lessons. We went to the city for a week. Camping on the weekend. Gwyn got to the beach twice and fishing once. She lost her first hook in the lake on her first fishing trip! LOL Then we came home from that trip and Daddy had the trampoline set up! We were in a parade with the gymnastics club! We went swimming. We were at the farm picking peas and spinach and will be there again tomorrow.  We had a great play date with a new old friend. I quite enjoyed and so did Gwyn. We hope to get together again this week! We have swim lessons again next week(2 a day for a week, like the first session) Lots to do.. but summer busies are good :)

Harley visiting at the park.

Helping Daddy on the little tractor in the yard. She is almost already a better operator than her momma! LOL

Diggin in the sand pile.. yes her whole head is in the hole she dug!!

Helping daddy cultivate! Yes, daddy got up with her.

This is what she was driving with daddy!

Hat and booties to go with the afghan I posted last time.

Hat and Beard I made for a friend's son. Very fun!!!

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