Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well.. hmmm.. where to start. It has been far too long since my last post yet again!!! What can I say except that I still want to write here but my little missy keeps me busy! So, I am going to try harder to post after she goes to bed!! Maybe, just maybe that will work!!! LOL So, what is up with the last month?

Well, nothing is feeling right at the top of my mind except for my grandmother passing on. My dad's mom. She was ready, and I think on some level it makes it easier. But you still feel like there is a hole that gushes in with memories and makes water run out your eyes. We will miss her. But she is up there with Grandpa now, and all her loved ones that went before her.

I guess that is heavy on my heart right now. On a happy, excited, won the lottery kinda note... Miss Gwyn has been using the potty very well! as long as it is her little potty. Giant steps!! Leaps and bounds!!! I am super proud of her!

Ok, so there ya have it.

OHHHHH Wait!!! I made a couple things!!! For a birthday party we are going to today!!!

Do you think a 4 year old will love them? I love them, Gwyn loves them! So I hope she does too!!


Golden Grain Farm said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, Cindy.

Sus said...

Great job on the backpack! It's so fun in such bright colors! :)