Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yesterday... today....

At the park, and daddy came!

Below are the stages of Gwyn falling asleep in the swing. From making faces to stay awake!

Fighting it..



Yesterday we had a good day. Play at the park with a friend, play at home with her friend. Friend had to go home.. we went in to see if she would nap.. nope.. so out again when she calmed down.. she played in the sand then wanted her swing.. fell asleep in the swing... had a good nap there. I pulled her hood up to cover her head from the sun and she had a good sleep. She woke and wanted to snuggle so whipped her out of the swing and she snuggled and slept in the chair with me until a big cloud came along and made it too cold to be outside... brr it got chilly in a hurry!

Today it was rainy and icky. We ran to Wadena and did some errands. Was a good day. :) Gwyn got in 2 plays! One with her coaches kids and one with a gal's boys that I bought some cloths for Gwyn from.

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