Saturday, February 13, 2010

Off the Munchkin website.....

Just a little astrolude....

Sign: Sagittarius
(Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Rules: Jupiter
Quality: Mutable, Fire
Birth stones: Carbuncle, Turqoiuse
Birth color: Light Blue
Birth metal: Tin
Harmonious signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
This little Sagitarrian will be your best friend. loving and trustful and optimistic, they will always see the good in people and loves to experience life to the fullest. Better be prepared to have a pet because this child is passionate about animals and really needs one or more. your baby sagittarius loves to play and visit people. They are bright, quick and eager to learn. Take your baby on long walks and let them play outdoors where they thrive in the sun and fresh air. Your baby is insatiably curious and restless and impatient but will be a source of delight and affection your whole life long.

Does it sound like our Gwyn or what???? Though we can certainly see the influence of Scorpio.....

Sign: Scorpio
(Oct.23 - Nov. 21)

Rules: Mars
Quality: Fixed, Water
Birth stones: Topaz, Malachite
Birth color: Deep Red
Birth metal: Steel
Harmonious signs: Cancer, Pisces
Your young and visual Scorpio child is very strong willed and very goal oriented. This baby has a keen mind and loves challenges like hide-and-go-seek or magic tricks. They resent harsh orders and like to be dealt with reason on an adult level much better. Be very forthright with your Scorpio child because they possess an uncanny ability to sense when they are being deceived. Scorpios don't get mad, they get even. Learning comes easy to Scorpios and they need to be challenged and kept busy. Once they get a goal in mind, they pursue with incredible endurance. Your little Scorpio is very independent but very loving.

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