Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I nuts or did she do it?

Well..this morning... I am now wondering if I'm nuts, or if Gwyn actually did it. After her bath I was gathering the garbage(garbage day), and she followed me into the bathroom and was at her potty. So I put her on it and told her when she pees and poo bears in it all the time, then she won't need diapers.

So, later, James has gone to the farm.... she wakes from her nap, crawls all the way to the bathroom and is banging on the door. I figure she is looking for her daddy so walk over there and tell her he went to the farm and she should come back to the living room.... not 5 minutes later she comes crawling into the living room and right to me, wanting up and smelling like a poop!! Yes, she had a poo bear.

Was she now trying to tell me she had to go when she was banging on the bathroom door... and I didn't catch on? She hasn't words yet... but thinking I may have started something.... Am I nuts or did she really ask to go potty?

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Anonymous said...

*laughs* It would not surprise me, if our angel decided she was going to be potty trained..