Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The funniest damn things...

Well.. LOL Gwyn has had a cold. She is getting better but you know.. so anyways. Daddy picks her up and she needs her nose wiped. So, he gets her to grab a kleenex from the box and then he brings her with the kleenex in hand to me to have her nose wiped. So, I do... then off they go. I am talking to a friend on FB. I turn around to see what Gwyn is up to... She is pulling kleenex out of the box.. one at a time.. I said "Hey! What are you doing???" and she starts pulling them faster!!! so I grab the kleenex laughing my ass off!!! I wish I had that on camera!!! LOL

Way too funny!!!

On the crafting note. When mom and dad were here I casted on a toque for Gwyn. I have put maybe 3 rows on it since they left.. so maybe 10 rows. Maybe I will have it done for the next one??? LOL

I just had to tell you that... LOL
Love yas!

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