Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bins, Babies and Bobbing Houses

Well... We went to Regina to do some things. It was quite the trip. I mean.. a usually 2 hour ish drive took 3. We followed these 2 houses down 15 hwy. I thought if they didn't turn off at 219, that I would and take 44 across then to the main hwy 11. Well.. I got screwed.. one went south and one kept going...... either way I would gain nothing! As you can see from the pics they took the whole road, and no, there was not a single spot they could pull over safely to let us by(us and the impatient 3 or 4 that passed me, as I wondered where the hell they thought they could go).
This is the view we had across hwy 15 from Outlook to Hwy 11 at Kenaston.
We made it to Regina all good. Next day, shopping and exchange a shock. Well... the shopping was good ish. The exchanging the truck shock.... well that was sh*!, at least until a wonderful lady took over and worked it all out with us. But what a freaking headache! When, have you ever had a shock go on your vehicle when you were at home and able to find the receipt to exchange it? Anyways, did that. dealt with it. done.

James has been busy at the bin yard. I have had some time there... should have more but, one has to break in a baby and an auntie :) Can't just up and leave them. Gwyn had to get to know that Mommy would come back. Now she does much better, than when we first started. This one is a pic of the yard. You can see how organized it is! See his beautiful double row of 18' cones with the rockets in? See the 15' roofs? the 15'cones in the block to wait until the rows are ready! The stack of vents in front of the shed!!! OOH that was lots of work!! Very organized yard. Love it. (he took this pic from the top of a bin at the front of the yard)
This is a pic of Gwyn I got while fooling around with my video cam. I love the pic... think it is beautiful.. so neat with her toys in the background like that!!! Too bad the pic doesn't have better quality.. I would get a bigger size printed!!!
My giggly girl here... Just love my little angel... I sure hope you enjoy these pics... LOL She is 7 months old now!
Well sorry all.. that is all I have time for. I am tired, sore and just done.. time for bed for me.... I hope my girl sleeps well tonight!

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