Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't believe it!

My girl has her first tooth. Yes, it has poked through. It's on the bottom left... or right.. have to double check and write it in her baby book!!

My girl is sleeping in her crib. She took the transition better than her momma and daddy did. We spent that first night sleeping like crap!! She slept from 10 til 1, then had to move her a little and back out like a light... slept til 4 or 6, fed her, back to bed until 8!!! What would be better? Oh She is an awesome little girl!!! I am SO very very proud of her!!!

and that's my excitement... yours?


jbell101 said...

well.. well.. by the looks of things David has his first tooth also. Bottom left.. ha ha ha
He has been sick and crabby and feverish for a while. Took him to doctor he said maybe teething. What do you know???

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated First Tooth!