Sunday, March 08, 2009


Well, we are home for a few days. Outlook... and the rest of Saskatchewan are too cold for that thing called work. James didn't want to be working in those wind chills (-20cel. to -36cel.). I don't blame him... I did not want him out working in them either... So rather than spend money sitting still, we made the trip home. I can do some laundry. We will do some visiting. James can get a few things tied up too.


Eva said...

wow, James is a hero trying to work in that weather! we only had -19 one morning this winter and everybody was just stunned.

Jennifer said...

Brrrrrrr! Is almost 70 F here today and I'm already dreading summer. I do prefer cooler weather but not that cold.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had fun playing with the sculpey.. venturning out past the Gnome homes at my store. I still need to work on my technique. I haven't sculpted with clay since graduate school.... many many years ago. But it keeps me busy while I search for work.

Hug that cutey.... and have fun knitting when you can.