Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yesterday, today... maybe even tomorrow?

Well, yesterday, Saturday, we spent at an auction. Managed to pick up a piece of equipment hubby was wanting. Very good! I know there are a bunch of you going "You shouldn't be at an auction sale!!!" Before you get all crazy on me, I had my handy dandy folding chair... while hubby walked around and bid on his stuff... I sat nice and comfy in my chair! What a beautiful day it was to be outside!!! The trip home was a little long.. but we made a few stops along the way...

Today, looks frosty.. the car is covered in frost.. the truck is parked back by the garage so it's melted already.. might be off to Preeceville today.. but I might just stay home... we will see. Then hopefully tomorrow we can pick up the equipment we purchased at the auction.

Oh, and for those of you who are still on board for the knitting.. sewing and other such wonders of the crafting world that happen in my home... LOL I did knit a skull cap(short toque). I have a second on the needles........ I even worked a pattern into it... I will take a pic and show you right soon.. Just haven't got to the pic part yet. I also made a blue baby hat to humour all those of you whom think this is a boy who is squirming and pushing around in there these days..... I will get a pic of that at some point too...

I think that is all I had to tell you....... Oh well... will catch you in a bit to tell you anything I forgot.. how's that? LOL


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