Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wee mornin' hours

Well, here it is, a whole 6am. I am awake and could not sleep. So, instead of waking hubby with constant pregnant ass turning I am up(any of you who have never experienced it, don't get it... REALLY!!!). Today, I hope to sew like a demon... so Thread devil I will be today!!! I have some(a few pair) of pants to finish whipping up, and with any luck some receiving blankets. I hope to get back to sleep for a couple more hours too.. but not sure how lucky I shall be with that feat.... Oh well, one thing at a time.

I know my mom, and dad are probably up and off to the lake already... I know dad would be excited to get off to do some post camping fishing..... mom was a bit tired when she was telling me they were going... I do think as long as the weather holds, they should have some fun! The fresh air and lack of city, will do them both good!

So, I guess that would be my wee hours morning ramble.. maybe this is prepping me for baby feedings? Do you suppose I would be lucky enough to have a babe that would sleep through the night? ROTFL I apparently did as a babe... but that is wishful thinking!

Off to see if I can find the land of Z's again....


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