Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Work and Socks again...

Hey all, On a quick stop home. Little earlier than expected but that's alright by me. Was not supposed to make a trip home until next week.... well. Kind of nice to see home and sleep in my own bed last night. Much as I am still tired I think from running around and from this cold that won't f-off. You know what I mean? I have this nasty cough... well... today... after cough medicine yesterday afternoon and Nyquil b4 bed.. the cough seems to have subsided a bit. Probably because I am rested and it's not running the roost! Anyways!!!! So, that is why I am a wee bit tired. Now...... Socks. I finished my 2 at a timer's. Love doing them that way... it is a bit of a challenge.. but I think because it was the first ever pair.... top down 2 at a times I had ever made that's why. But I love the system of doing the 2 at a time. You have a pair right quick! None of the one then the other stuff! Anyways, You will remember this first picture...
Heel turned! I made it! I also got the stitches picked up! Now for the home stretch!

Ahh, Progress. Yes we now have 3 bins down there, and one at the other end of the yard that are done! 4 down - 20 to go! And the weather has been beautiful... mind you today at home it is snowing... go figure!
Hopper Cone Legs and Angles as they come from the factory. See all that water? We trenched the yard one day(well sexy hubby did most of it) to make all the water run off. It worked pretty darn good too... that huge puddle is now a tiny little run. :)
Hopper Cones before we put the legs on, how they come from factory, stacked on top of their skids. 3 in each stack.. there is 2 stacks not in this pick (12 cones to build yet).
We had a tight and sticky situation the one day. See how this hopper bin is behind the tractor and crane? There isn't much room to move back! And see the Semi truck parked behind? I don't know which of the 2 was asked not to park there, or if they both were.. but he isn't supposed to be there, but he is out of the way.....
See this guy? We couldn't move the tractor.... Bin behind, semi in front. He did however come and move it quite promptly after the phone call to the company was made..... (we were planning on building a roof and a bin that day but were moving a little slow.... only got a roof done, so did not end up needing the tractor, but it was the principle of it.). He must be a hell of a driver to get the truck backed in that good though! Will give him credit there.

Bin sheets for roofs. You can see the bin packages there too(the sheets are hump up on the left, there is a pallet of doors on the right for flat bottom bins and in the middle in front of the trailers is a pallet with a door and old style tube ladders.)

Better Pic of the packages, you can see the top of the roof packages there too on the left of the pic.
Then we stand the sheets up and make rings like this one. I showed you this pic before but I figure now you can see... they come in the bundle above, hubby flips them, we pull out the roof ring ( 6 sheets you see standing bellow to make the roof) and bolt them in their ring. Then we put an angle on the top of the ring so we can bolt the roof sheets to the ring. And then the roof sheets get carried around the ring like pictured below. We then put up 4 sheets to hold the peak ring up...(will try to get you pics of that yet) and then we put up the roof sheets and finish the roof. This snow had all melted while we were there.. and we trenched the water out. Mind you after the last couple days... might be a bit more snow/water around. I hope our trenching still works, and drains the water out!
Rockets. This is 6ft, rocket type air. This is how it comes from the company. We have to put legs and ducts on and put them in cones.... I hope to get you some pics of that too.... :) Just in case you wanna see it! LOL
Well, I have dishes in the sink and should run off and do them.... ttyl


Val said...

SOCKS of BINS! It must be a toss-up which one you make more of!
Can you imagine life on the road without your knitting? Happy Spring!

Val said...

Sorry, for typ-o. I meant SOCKS or BINS!