Sunday, March 09, 2008

We were home this week...

Not that we wanted to be. We were home sick. Not just any kind of sick either. It was one of those colds. I would even say very much flu like. It would grab you suddenly and knock you on your ass. I felt fine Saturday night, we went out to a movie, had some coffee. Had a good evening out. Then come Sunday, I was sicker than. I could barely stand to hold myself up. Hubby held out didn't get sick until Tuesday... well Monday night really. It took him pretty much the same way, snuck up and grabbed him. He was super good about looking after me, sweet man. I only hope I did a half descent job of looking after him too. Now, after a week.... feeling a bit better. Still tired some how. The dishes are piled up. Who does dishes when they feel like crap? Not I unless I haven't a pot to cook the chicken noodle soup in! So that is where we have been this past week. We did manage to get a bin almost done in Tugaske while we were there, before we got sick. It is still awaiting it's bottom ring(the heaviest to lift of course after being sick.... want to be well before attempting that one!). Then onto a cone and onto more bins. Sorry no pics of it. Was far too sick and tired to be thinking of that before I headed home on Tuesday. I was having a good morning Tuesday so I drove home. Poor hubby was just sick and had a bucket with him in the front seat just in case! We did manage to make it home without any incidents. Though the blowing snow and the sun were not easy on my sick burning eyes. I was wiped out when we got home. But managed to get us here safe and sound!

I was so sick I couldn't knit. Yes, others with the same couldn't smoke, Hubby couldn't drink Pepsi.. and for those of you who know him that's big. So, anyways. After our week home resting I felt like doing something so I picked up the yarn that I was making another Market bag with. So I crocheted another Market bag. What do you think of it? I think it is kinda pretty. Not what I first thought I was going to create. As I was planning multi colour madness for stripes, but my colours didn't want to work together and they didn't seem to have the same thickness to them. But the blues I used did, as well as the white. I like how the thicker Red Heart yarn made the bag less open(as opposed to the last one I did with the sears/zeller's yarns, which seems a little more open but not terribly so).

So that is what I could bear to work on. I did look through magazines and bum out too... I got a new book through Etsy! Family Circle Easy Knits for Kids. It is a fun little book. I hope to put some of the patterns to good use one of these days..... Just have to get certain other things out of the way first! LOL I do hope the market bags go over well and that the intended recipients like them, and use them. I do suppose even if they figure they are too hideous for public and put dirty laundry in them they are still being used... and that's what matters! I am still working on those socks, the 2 at a timer's yes... they are still going.. just slow. Between work and what not you know... LOL

Ah well, I think I have rambled on long enough...... maybe... LOL and will catch you later....

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TricsH said...

Those market bags look Awesome :)
Nice job.. Sorry to hear you've been so sick! Hugs and ttys