Monday, July 02, 2012

Running about!

Supper last night. I find if I make some funny shapey doodle on the plate missy eats better?? Who knew? Ended up with a blob of white dressing on one side for the veggies and a blob of bbq sauce for the meet on the other giving it eyes! LOL

Ok, I forgot to tell you... see I knew I was forgetting something BIG!! My little girl is growing up! We said bye bye to Pull ups! And no, don't get me started on them... Just say YAYAAAAYAAYAYA for Missy G! My big girl!!

Gwyn ran straight for the elephant!
 We spent a good hour at the park today. We walked up and Gwyn ran from the moment we got there til I said we should go home and get a drink for us and Yeow. 

Not every kids cat follows them to the park.

Stalker Yeow

What a face eh? LOL

And yup, we had a pretty good day... for the most part.

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