Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What have I been up to????

OK, I am making another fishy hat! What do you think? The purple looks kinda blue.. but it is a very nice purple and very fun!

 Prior to the hat... I was working at this......
90lbs of ground beef, picked up from butcher.
I didn't count... heads of cabbage waiting for prep to roll.
A finished pan of Cabbage rolls.
This year, I used 70lbs of beef.  A tonne of cabbage. A tonne of rice and onions. I ended up with 65 bags of cabbage rolls. Kept me busy for a few days..... :)

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Miss Em said...

I stil can't believe you do that every year. I would be so sick of them after I made that many that I couldn't eat them anymore. I have had that experience with salsa. We made over 100 jars one year and I don't think I ate one of them.