Sunday, August 23, 2009

Growing like a weed...

Well... She is growing like a weed. I hope we get home before she has nothing to wear... the cloths that fit are becoming fewer and the suitcase I have been putting the too small cloths in is getting fuller.... oh my! She can wear 6month shorts, 12 month pants are wee bit long, 18 month tops are perfect for length and head hole. 12 month onsies are done.. too short in the body. Some of her 12 month sleepers are done too... but I did manage to find 1 pretty purple and grey lamb set of Jammie's in 18 mo.. and a one piece Jammie with no feet... mind you they still need washed before she can wear them... but that is how it goes. Growing like a weed.....healthy!! Good stuff!!!

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