Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update with pictures and funnies...

This is a pic of the bin yard... as it stood... Friday? Since then, some cones have been moved some bin packages dropped in front, and some rings built from those packages. But this is a lovely shot.
The Gopher hole:
This is not the hole I fell in. Lets be clear, this one you can see... a long ways away!!! The one I fell in I did not see. The wind was blowing some. I was chasing the bin while James chased the bin to hang the sheet(only about a hundred and eighteen ish pounds to chase the bin with for James). Bolts in hand ready to get the sheet bolted on...I saw the first gopher hole, missed the one that got me... All I can think now is it must have been hilarious and I would have loved to see me fall... I hooked my foot in the hole(hands full of bolts) thought I could catch myself... missed catching myself envisioned face plant, let all the bolts fly out of my hands, then proceeded to fall on my hands and knees in the dirt.. saving my face! Too funny... James hears nothing... wonders what the hell... dropped the sheet... and came over to save me...(well help me up the damage was done). Now I did not find this funny at the time.. but can barely hold myself together thinking about it now... too funny!

Pictures of Our girl interlude: Hey, she has her top front teeth now...bottom teeth first... top teeth now.. still working their way through, but the hard part is done!
Other funnies as promised:
When you stay in a motel long enough, you hear funny funny funny things from the other guests. Now not everyone would find it all that funny.. and maybe for some of it you had to be here and see them or hear it yourself... but I thought you all may find some of it funny!(These folks are from Alberta and Ontario, and are here to put in a big pipeline) Gawd knows what they have heard from us and laughed their asses off at...
Gopher(adds to the humour of the fall in the hole... as the fall in the hole happened after this and the running joke between James and I is that, that gopher thought he would eat for a long time!!!):
Our neighbor lady in the motel likes to keep the door open and let the air into her suite. I don't blame her. But, the one day she got an unexpected visitor. A gopher wandered into her room. The cleaning girls were called in to chase it out with a hockey stick and some good old animal coaxing. So now the neighbor has a piece of plastic cardboard up in the doorway so that she can keep the airflow... no gophers.... The girl who was reminded to fetch that piece of plastic cardboard said, "yes I'll remember that. Can't have the gophers getting in and nibbling on you" ROTFLMAO Only them damn Saskatchewan gophers do that!!!
One Day Mr.B was offering a friend a beer. Friend goes to get beer from fridge. None there. Mr. B says "there must be a couple in the freezer". No, no beer in the freezer. Mr. B says "Mrs. must have had one" Next you hear... Mrs.B " I...... DID....... NOT...... TOUCH...... YOUR...... BEER....."
Where are you?:
This day they are cleaning out the truck. We hear Mrs.B "Where are you?!?!?" then Mr. B "I'm right here." Pause. Mr.B "Where the F*CK, would I go?!?!?!?"
Ok, this is pipeline guys but, one room over yet....
Saskatchewan wind:
We have the window open. And it is very windy. We hear a guy talking to another. "The F*ckin' wind. I piled all the dirt on one side of the hole!! Your not supposed to, because then equipment gets stuck. But the f*ckin' wind was too strong to pile on each side. So I piled it all on one side." Then in a oblivious to Saskatchewan weather way totally shocked he says. "Then the F*ckin' wind changed direction!!!! it changed f*ckin' Direction!!!! so it blew the dirt back in the hole... and the equipment getting stuck!!!" I never in my life wanted so bad to open the door and say "Welcome to Saskatchewan, if you don't like the weather or the direction of the wind wait 5 minutes!!! It will change."
Sunday Morning:
Well here we are again, one Sunday morning I was on the couch feeding baby. We had the window open. Mr.B from the room next door is in the truck on the phone making calls. I am assuming so as not to disturb Mrs.B on a Sunday morning.... next thing I know this man is out of the truck and I am wondering what he is dumping beside his front tire as I can hear the trickle..... OH my! the breeze brings in the waft of pee... OH! Not dumping something... peeing!!! You would think we were staying in Tugaske Hotel on a Friday night. (what the hell is it that makes grown men/boys, go outside instead of using a perfectly good washroom inside?) Was disturbing Mrs.B on a Sunday a.m. going to be that bad???? Oh my!!!
Ah well, that's my funnies.... and all that....

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