Monday, April 20, 2009

The Saucer....

Hey all, I just want to say... I am sorry to all those blogs I have not visited in... forever! I have been busy. We have been here there and every wheres.... Got sucked into a new game... or 2 on Face book.. Oh my... yes... time suckers!!!
Anyways, Here are pics of my girl in her saucer. She is loving it. Though she doesn't bounce in it. She sits and plays.. happily. She had that big round thing that looks like a Lolly in her hand and pulled toward her licking it like one would a Lolly... it was hilarious!

Just thought you might enjoy the pics.... TTFN


Jennifer said...

Love it! Gwyn is just so cute! I love watching babies grow up.. they can change so much everyday.

I liked how the Yellow Topaz (November) turned out as well. I tried to make it intense since... yellow is yellow. I don't look forward to my birthstone... Peridot... yellow green... yuck. But I will make it work. I know there are alot of greenies out there.

Have a wonderful day.


I remeber the saucer days! Hours and Hours of fun and enjoyment!