Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Hey yous,
Well, Had our first prenatal class on Monday. There were little things in it that were interesting... other things I had read about already. Did you know you can get tetness(spelling?) from working in the dirt? I thought it had to come from rusty metals... odd. Anyways.. good thing to know right? I think so... So, that was Mom and my Monday night.

Tuesday, Mom and I took off to Moose Jaw to see my sis! Not before we walked the dog though... and then we went and got the oil changed on the car then picked up my sis... Man!!! SHE LOOKS AWESOME!!! (she is shrinking in the good way!! Keep up the good work if your reading Sis!! LOVE YOU!!!) So we did some shopping in Moose Jaw, had lunch, iced tea at her place then at... hmmm almost 5 I would say, headed back to Regina... :) I laid down and put my feet up.. that was a lot of time on my feet!!!! (they are tender today.. but all good!!) I think the walking is good for me though... I found a bench here and there to park my ass on! LOL Just to rest my poor feet... I didn't swell up either so all is good.(I know some of you don't want to hear that but I know some of you really really do... so.. sorry for those who don't and your welcome to those that do!) So, spent the evening with my feet up.... all good!

Today, have some stuff to get done here in Regina. Hopefully get to see my sis and the boys here in town tonight.. see how her schedule goes though!

I made the 5 rectangle baby sweater from the Better homes and gardens website. Not sure I love it, but I do like it. I will be attempting a Diaper bag sweater next I thinks.... and maybe Dad's Christmas socks(while I feel like it). I am sorry no pics of the rectangle sweater.. I hope later though.... Long as I remember.

Hubby and I are going to ask what we are having now. I have gotten impatient. And he is a planner. SO, in 2 weeks if they can tell us... we shall know :) all good!!! In other baby news... I think I am starting to feel some kicks and such! Kinda neat... sometimes I am not sure if it's belly bubbles or baby, though other times it feels kinda definitive of not being belly bubbles.

Well, will talk to you all later! Love ya much!

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