Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ahhh all the fun!!!

Well, I didn't take any work pictures while I was away... sorry all. But, Hubby and I went to an auction and bought a quarter of land.... These here are the pics..... There is the old barn on the land and an old grainery. The barn has to come down.. it's old and run down. The grainery we couldn't really open the door to peek into.

Hubby such a sweetie... he looks really funny above here... because he is tramping the snow down for me... so it's not so hard to walk through! Below he is just walking about....

Pictures of the landscape.

Above is a pic of the grass that is currently seeded on the quarter for hay...though that will be worked under for us to grow some organic crop.

Now down below are pics of Mom and Dad's home place and the snow that is left around there.

Still pics of the home place... if you look close at the pic above you can see the steam coming up because it's melting.

LOL, here are some pics I took playing around with the new little camera. Hubby got me this new HD camera for my birthday(he is a little early but I won't complain!) The camera takes beautiful pics... as you can see above and below! :)
Mom's Easter tulips! above and below is her Christmas cactus blooming at Easter time!

Mom's Easter flowers are above here... they are beautiful! And the close up pic turned out wonderful!
Well, that's all I have to tell you right now so, I am off and running!

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