Thursday, January 16, 2014

Less than a month between posts!

Hi, Wow, I do really miss you all here in bloggy land. But I must say I have been SUPER BUSY. I started a Facebook page: Cindy's Custom Creations . I have been crafting up some fun stuff. Running after Miss G. And all the good stuff.

This was my life Monday:
Well.. it was one of those.. dammit why not listen to your gut days.. but it all worked out in the end. LOL Mr. took my van and car seat to Saskatoon today(when he told me he was going to take it last night my gut said, don't let him take your van tomorrow, but I thought wth git over it). LOL I get a phone call from the school, just as I finished dishes, cat box and rabbit cage cleaning standing in the kitchen wondering what to tackle next the phone rings. Come get Gwyn she is sick! So, no seat, text my wonderful friend, that I have no idea what I would do without.. to see if she has one kicking about.. Yay! she does. So, take the truck to town, with the box full of snow and dog kennel poo, on icy highways(not used to driving the truck in winter, that box of extra weight sure helped! LOL) but made it. Got the seat, got the girl. Got home, she is begging to play outside or go play with a friend she feels fine. Mean mommy that I am made her curl up in the chair and rest. Let me tell ya, there is nothing like driving the truck to town worried that your going to dog poo bomb the car behind you!!! LOL And yup.. that was my day!! LOL

And yesterday, yesterday was no school. But we hauled our wee girl out to the dentist and shopping... grocery shopping that is no fun for her at all! All things considered she was AMAZING! She was good waiting in the dentist office for mommy to get her wisdom tooth pulled. She was pretty darn good shopping too! Growing up so fast. Wow. I know some settings are just like poking her with a stick and I thought the dentist office waiting room might be as it is very adult oriented. Maybe she did well because it was so bland in there. I don't know but aside from the 30001 "are we there yets?' She was great and I told her so! So did the receptionist at the dental office! So anyway, yes got my wisdom tooth out.. Doesn't hurt as bad as when it was bugging me last week. Except my jaw is kinda tender feeling.. to be expected when they have to pull such a giant tooth out I am sure! 

Anyways, here are some pics of what I have been working on:
Cabbage Patch Wiggie's (basic beanie with add on)
Ladies Milky Slippers by Mon Petit Violon
Little beanie's donated to the school
Organization Now! by Tamara Kelly
My interpretation of a baby "Ladies Milky Slipper"
  And that's all I have to show right now... I hope to have these booties done up quick. Then post pics! LOL

Friday, January 03, 2014

Catching up... or trying to???

Ok pictures first this time because I made you wait last time! LOL
I have been trying to catch up on my  requests... but the list seems to get longer every day! I am not complaining because I love it! But, sometimes it feels a little boggling! LOL
My sister had requested the cup holder mitten for Christmas but I ran out of time... so she got her jamma pants less the cup holder. Now the holder is done up for her!
The Helm(tyrant/viking) is for a wonderful lady who works at the school. She requested a minion(pic in the last post) and the tyrant. So that's all caught up! Yay!
Now to this years requests! I have a minion hat to make and 2 wiggy hats(you seen the cabbage patch kid hats?) Then I posted the cup holder on Facebook and have a request for it.. though not sure what I would charge. It is easy enough, but time consuming. :) So not sure....
But, that's what is going on round here.. wait.. I had Missy clean out her stuffies this morning.. then tried for the movies but that was not happening.. maybe stuffies was all she could face today? LOL Oh well try again later right? Anyways off and running to hopefully get the dishes done up and maybe a hat or two?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas is gone and on to the new year...

Wow, been over a month again... sometimes I get busy I guess. This Christmas seemed to be a very fast roller coaster and we just flew through it. Started out with the weekend before the last week of School.. the flu got me, then it got James but did not get our Gwyn. She had a Christmas concert at school and I kept waiting for the flu to hit her all week! It never did. She made it. But the Friday after the late night Christmas concert and the early morning pj day at school, she came home with a nose that would not stop running.. still hasn't.
I did my Christmas sewing on the weekend we had the flu.. because it was to the point that if I didn't get doing it it would not get done.. and I made 7 pair of PJ pants while feeling the remnants of the flu. I also had knitting and crochet to finish up... and managed to make it.. Let me tell ya I was sweating this year though.. next year has to be done earlier!!!
Anyways, after the Christmas concert. There was Christmas with one side of the family Saturday night, then off to the city on the Sunday. Monday was some kinda fricken wicked cold but we had to get out and find my girl a new pair of boots and a coat. Who would think that a kid would grow in the middle of December and need a new set? Obviously not the stores who had very little left. We managed to find boots she LOVES and a whole set She LOVES downtown in the city. Boots from Sears and Snowsuit from my least favorite store, The Bay. But that's where it fit and that is where we didn't have to saw our arms and legs off for it and the Lady at the counter was actually AMAZING! I fear she won't last long there... she wasn't near bitchy enough. Anyway, we got her outfitted.
Then we had Christmas on Christmas. Boxing Day we had another Christmas get together. Then home again.
I honestly have felt sucked out and worn out since we got home. So tired I didn't unpack until the day after we got home. Then cleared or tried to clear the table the following day. The house still looks like a bomb went off in here. Still tired. We went for groceries in our little bit smaller city yesterday. Pooped from that too. Though I have been knitting/crocheting up some neat stuff. I will show you pics... at the end of this post.
And Today we have New Years Eve. I hope to hell that 2014 is a better year. 2013 has not been all that kind. I must say My Girl has been amazing, and been doing fantastic things. I have been focusing on that to pull me through. I have  my fingers crossed that she will continue to be amazing and that we can pull ourselves together in 2014 and have a good year to look back on, even if we have a bumpy start. Here hoping you know?
Anyways, nough o that, I promised pics right???
I have a pair of brown men's work socks like the blue ones up there on the needles as well as another Tyrant hat... well.. viking hat if you ask me, but what do I know.. Pics will follow when those are done up too.

So yes, we are all alive and well. And hopeful for a great new year! Talk to you soon! Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and All The Very Best For the New Year!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost 2 months....

Oh my I have been neglecting you. Sorry bout that. Sometimes though I get to feeling like I Am talking to myself. Now this morning I got this email from feedspot saying I have new followers there. Well if your here, and it's not a scam comment and let me know your around. 
Anyways enough o that crap. On to the good stuff! 
Gwyn tried dance. But for whatever reason she didn't DO dance so I have pulled her out. It may be that it was just too much in the box for my outta the box girl. My girl will be 5 on Saturday! Oh my!! We are having a gymnastic birthday and I sure hope it goes over well and everyone haas fun!

On to crafting... Pics galore!
Touch of fun :)
Boot cuffs.
Happy Halloween! We have a rainbow dash, my little pony!
Gotta keep my girl warm. Hat and neck warmer!
Remade mittens :) 1st pair were way small... But found a home! These should do it!
Many minions made....
Never again knit throw, was to be an afghan... So much for that... Back to square one was where I was... But got it figured!!!
Princess anyone? Love this simple little crown, pattern by Ira Rott. Easy to follow and beautiful product.

And there soon will be more... I made many fingerless minions and 2 hats. But figured if you seen one set, there are minor uniquenesses to the pairs so u get the idea! Anyways, shout if you are reading.... So I know I'm not writing for one set o eyes.  That set knows who she is... I think! Lol 
Will post again soon!!! Ttfn

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My girl was certainly excited to go to dance today! She had all her stuff gathered up to come off the bus! When she got in the house I reminded her what night it was and she went and stripped down to put her dance outfit on!! Put it on, ready to go at 4:30. Class starts at 5:15. So, 10 min drive to class, leaves 35 min!! So got the mail and drove very sloooow to class.  

She loves it! I wondered of she would like it at all... Being she is a mover and a shaker... And it's Ballet/jazz, which I was concerned she would find boring! But she can't wait for next class!! Yay!

More hats! Delivered the bottom one to the recipient this afternoon. The top 2 I am working on. Have fallen in love with the colour way. Kind of bubble gum/cotton candy, pinks, blues and purples! 
Anyway, talk to you all later.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Braided Hats

My sister started it. She sent me a picture with a little girl wearing a hat and it had yarn braids! ADORABLE!! Then, had to make one for Missy. So, Miss G. Loves Rainbow Dash. So, denim blue hat with rainbow hair it is! Fantastic!! Then, I made one for her friend that is purple and rainbow hair. Very cute. OMG The one for her friend is a Christmas pressie... sooooooo I have offically begun.
BUT, I have a handful of "I want ones" to make.
And an afghan for my cousin's wedding.

Miss EM!!! I wish, wish wish you could come over to steal a loaf of bread!! LOL

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mittens and cookies

Made cookies this morning to warm up the house. It wasn't cold but was chilly.
Mittens, seaweed mitties. Look good though small. We will see how they fit.

Big, it's big... Big day, big week....

We had our first gymnastic class if the season yesterday. I think it went well. Miss G did most of what she was supposed to. She wavered a bit at the end of class but I think she was just getting that tired by then.

Miss G is the one in the middle with her nose on the floor and the straight legs.

This was me and Bootsy this morning. He was missing missy G and wanting some loving.
Baked bread. Wanted 2 nice big loaves. Well, power went out right at the start of baking so they got extra rise time and are giants!! Delish, but Huge! One slice is the size of a luncheon plate(medium Corelle).
As you an see my buns came out large as well. Missy helped me mix the up, before she went off to bed.

Bitty bunny. Kinda homely, kinda cute.missy likes him and that's what matters. I made him in between bread baking and stuff.