Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holy Bananas....

It was warm out today! Was 16 going on 17celcius. On the plus side of course. Gwyn and I headed out and enjoyed it... It was windy but the wind felt warm. Well.. Gwyn and I had a great time out in the back yard. I didn't take any pictures, though I wish I would have had the camera when Gwyn got her boot caught in the ice in the puddle... LOL she came out short one boot, barefoot! and straight into the nice warm sand pile! LOL she had a great time playing out in the warm today! And I must say I very very much enjoyed the warm outside myself! Maybe it will be nice and we can do it again tomorrow!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Viney Plums....

I finished these socks up, not a stitch too soon.. That ball you see above them.. is all that was left over. Talk about cutting it close! They are made with Paton's stretch sock. I do think I should have went a little smaller around with this yarn as it stretches like crazy! But I do think they will serve the recipient well! I think she will love them!

For my next project I am tossed up about if I should buy a pattern and whip up a sweater for my girl.. or make another pair of socks.. for me.... or... make a mother's day gift for my momma? LOL

And that is all that is exciting round here really... other than, well Easter is coming.. and I have been trying to get Gwyn to colour paper eggs.. but she just wants to cut and glue right now.. just might have to get a pair of them safety scissors.. the ones that only cut paper...

Hope all is well with you! TTYS

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Child size Owlie hat! I love him!

This Owl hat is black and blue. I love him. He's beautiful! He is ocean blue, though was hoping for teal but.. eh. So, he is fabulous and he will be donated to the Gymnastics Finale bucket draw! I hope he gets a loving home. 
Now, onto inspired. I was reading another post, from Attic:24 another blog. And she showed her Before and After of her nightmare shelves! You can read about it by clicking on her blog name. Now, my house is a nightmare(do not look too closely at the pictures!) But, one of my biggest ahhhhh spots is the microwave. So, I dug in. I had already started when I took this before pic below... shame on me.. but I was sooo mad I had grabbed a bunch of stuff off and put it some where! LOL
Before ish
After.. ahhh
Like I said, don't look into the other room yet.. LOL that's the porch and a whole other ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So, anyways. It's done. I put some of Gwyn's artwork on top of the microwave until I get a folder for it, or another waiting home. But I think I have made a giant leap. As I never seem to get anyting done.. LOL  Now.. go see her shelves!!! They might inspire you!!!

Oh, and I started these:
A May month bday pressie.. but we have a few of them in May in this family... LOL

Oh, and I forgot to tell you  my dumb ass moments.. LOL while cleaning off the microwave. I knocked over our little flashlight which then rolled back behind the micro and into the hole cut for the cords... Not so bad, deal with it later. But then, I am trying to put some whites in the dryer and I bump something on the shelf while pulling the lint screen out. Well.. the hammer falls onto the top of the dryer and the shoelaces down the lint trap hole. Now I need to get James to fish the laces out so I can dry the cloths. He wants the flashlight that.. fell behind the micro earlier and I didn't tell him about until I am so upset I want to laugh and cry all at the same time! Well, James being the crafty wonderful man that he is.. used the lamp that happened to be sitting on the freezer beside the dryer anyways... and took apart the dryer to get the laces out. Then we had some cleaning to do.. you would not have believed the sand and crap in the bottom of that trappy doodle. So, cleaned that today and got the dryer back together and the cloths dry before bed tonight... LOL But good grief.. who could that happen to? Honestly.. I told James I wasn't touching another damn thing yesterday.. and I didn't. I ran the dishwasher this morning.. haha

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Always playing catch up...

 Haha, a few days ago.. Gwyn wanted to help with the dishes(more play in the bubbles but, whatever). So, I let her. She had great fun.
 Our plants are growing... this was a couple days ago as well... Now they are even taller!!!(my dates is wrong.... dog noggit, gonna have to fix that.

 Gwyn and Yeow giving some loving to each other... I swear he is a different cat on the adult food....

 We did some arts and crafts couple days ago.. not THAT long ago.. as the pieces still roam the living room.

 Sleepy Gwyn.
 Gwyn smiling goofy for the camera, but just being tickled to get to hold a new baby! (not ours, but a friend and neighbours)
 Gymnastics today. We got told no parents this class. So, I took some pics. Above Gwyn is walking backwards on the beam.
 Peekaboo - Chin ups

 On a crafty note. I just.. just.... just... finished these socks. Notice the small ball of yarn left over. I was glad to do them 2 at a time... and madder than that when I hit the heal my identical turned fraternal. Oh well. They are pretty and will be loved by the recipient. The hat below was done up for my sis, upon request of a pink hat! I think it turned out well. The purple one was just for fun and a child's size. I think it may go to the gymnastics silent auction.. we will see.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Little Helper

 Yes, Little helper indeed! My girl insisted on "helping" with the dishes. She did pretty good and had some great fun. I must say I was not impressed to begin with(I just wanted to get them done!). But in the end we had some fun. She helped wash some and dry some and we did good!

This was last night. After we went to meet a brand new baby boy... mmm baby fumes... LOL
Today, we are attempting potty training... with those padded panties.. but much nicer/softer than those glorified diapers! We will see how it goes! Wish me the luck of the Irish.. might need it!!

Happy St. Patty's!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little behind on posting....

 Saturday we did some planting. We had great fun! And surprisingly did not get all that dirty! We did however accidentally spill a pot... but that just meant we had to refill and plant it again!

I made some Chicken soup! Yum!

 We went to Saskatoon on farm business! And got to stay in a hotel. Sadly no pool er anything but maybe next time!

 We ate out at Subway! NUMMY!
Gwyn found her sunglasses in the van!!!
 We had to water the plants when we got home!

And these hats are what I have been up to lately. I have a pair of socks on the needles but the more I knit.. the more I think I am going to run out of yarn!!! And yes... OH PEANUTS is right!!

I started a Facebook page, if you wanna take a peek. It's HERE.

And, about the wasted afternoon. Yes, I realize these things are precious and should be held onto. But the point was that it was a wonderful afternoon that accomplished nothing but time with each other, which is what made is the "best" waste.. because it wasn't really wasted at all.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silly business...

 Gwyn was taking pics of mommy... funny thing, I think she got a good one! LOL I love it! 
But then, Gwyn was being silly too! What fun!

 Gwyn likes playing ball in the house.. LOL and Yes I shall admit it I think James and I do too!
I have made up 3 crochet hats! Was only supposed to be one or two but...uhmmm that hat just looked so darn cute on Gwyn I kept it for her and made 2 more! LOL
 The white one is actually quite summery and light. Soft and wonderful. I hope the recipient loves them!
 Gwyn loves doing crafts. She loves gluing and sticking and all that funny business.
She sure misses her daddy when he goes to the farm to work though!!!

 I was kinda growly today, so I had to talk miss G into going outside! I knew it would be good for both of us... And yes, I felt much better after fresh air... even if I was still a bit grouchy.

 We were outside from ooh 1pm to say... 4 something. Was great! The weather was beautiful!!

We built 2 snowmen. We walked uptown and around. We played in the snowbanks. We had a juice box. We jumped in puddles! Oh my! It was the best waste of an afternoon yet! LOL
(Gwyn was listening really well. Other than having to go pee, and Gwyn not wanting to go in to let me! It was great fun!)