Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gwyn's 3rd Birthday - in pictures!

Her cake - She picked. SOOOO loves Sesame Street right now!
Covered her ears while we sang. (guess we are no choir)
Blowing out her candles
Playing with Miss H. And her Potato head that grows hair!
Sitting Pretty
They were both, trying to sit in the car... did not work.. LOL

Gwyn opening her Curious George shirt.

It was a hit!

Gwyn in her C.George shirt. She loves it! Makes it so worth it.

Gwyn makin faces this morning.

Makin' faces this morning... LOL

Gwyn's drawing from the other day

Gwyn's Painting from Monday. Looks kinda cat like no?

Carmen's Caper, for those of you who don't know what it looks like.

YUMMY! -lol

Happy 3rd Birthday Gwyn!!!

Well, 3 years old today. How time flies. Gwyn is certainly  making it fun!!! Busy little bee!! I hope she has a great day today...... I let her pick out her own cake yesterday..... Sorry, no pics til later... :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

My little Barn Kitty....

LOL Fisher Price barn kitty!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Post #510... wow....

Well, I have another Christmas pressie down! They are a little off kilter.. but... LOL so is she, and she will love them. She will love them like they were perfection. LOL I know because they are comfortable on my hands... which is the biggest issue she has! LOL
Now just to hope she doesn't look at this... LOL

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pics to enjoy....

I drew Gwyn a dog. then she coloured on the page. She then insisted that we take a picture of the drawing. After taking the picture.... and a picture of her with the drawing, she took the drawing and crumpled it up. Go figure.


Greek Phyllo Wrapped chicken, round 2. (was good enough to do again :))

Gwyn spinning...

And spinning.....

forced smile.

gaming it up.
We actually had some weather Monday that wasn't so warm she would be soaked in two seconds or so cold she would freeze in those same 2 seconds. So, we went out to enjoy it!

Gwyn made a bazzillion snow angels! Grandma T. she was competing with U I am sure!!!

We came in and had some nummy yummy hot chocolate... mmmm mmm with marshmallows!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day.

Remembering all those whom fought for the freedoms we have today. Thinking of those whom still fight for our freedoms. Thank you.

And, on a brighter note, because I believe we are to remember, but we are also to embrace these freedoms they fought so hard for!
Finger Painting!!! (this is an older pic.. taken in May!)
 These are Gwyn and I enjoying swim lessons. These were taken on November 8th.

You can tell Miss Gwyn doesn't like swimming..... ROTFLMAO

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's peeping at you....

 Ok, so, Happy Birthday Darren!! I hope you like it when you get it. I finished it before your birthday... but I am afraid I will have to mail it. Now, please remember the boxer's you got in the summer... dumb ass... LOL Ok, now just hoping you have a great day!!! Love ya!!
 I made a bloodshot eyeball hat for my BIL. He is 4 ft tall so it will be very neat to see it on his head, as opposed to some guy who's 6' something because the concept would be lost. No Dar, not a short joke, just the truth of it.
 Some of you might actually remember the eyeball hat I made for Gwyn. Well, the fact that Mommy had one on, made her put hers on.. I must say she is much cuter!!! :)