Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lacy sock cuff!

I am loving how this cuff looks. Yes, I know. I said that before. But the more of it I knit... the more I like it. It's very pretty!

Love it!!!

I am sooooo loving the cuff on these! It's dainty and pretty and lovely!!! Gwyn last night had to put on the other sock.. the one that is still on the circular waiting its turn to be cuffed.. she wanted both.. but I saw no way in which to make it possible so explained to her that she could try the one but not both until they were done!! I think she likes them!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sitting in silence...

Is an odd place for me these days. It just happens that James and Gwyn are snoozing on the big bed... So, the house is silent. I mean other than the fridge kicking in or the furnace doing it's warm up. The sun is shining outside, though there is a slight breeze by the look of it. Still very quiet when you are used to Gwyn filling all the quiet space. It isn't uncomfortable.. but it feels odd.. I don't know if I have had this quiet to myself for quite some time. I am enjoying every second of it though!!! LOL I have been working on a trial run of a pair of socks. I did a pair in what I thought would be Gwyn's size, turns out she will have to grow into them. Before I try to adapt the pattern to an adult size.... :) The are still a WIP(work in progress) but are coming along.. beautifully!

The above is the beginning of these beauties... I was so frustrated with my circular needle I almost quit. But I knew, there was really nothing wrong with the damn thing. It was doing what it should. And with use it would relax and work just fine, which is exactly what it has done. Nothing like driving a luxury car, then switching to a mid class.... because in my belief Aero needles are still some of the better.. they are just not as luxury as Addi turbos... shame on me for getting so spoiled to them in one pair of socks!!!
Then we had toes! Yes very pretty toes!

Now, we have heels and some ankle on them!

The soles are very nice.

I love love love how these heels turned. They are beautiful. No holes. All nice! So, off to knit, and look after my girl as my seconds of silence are over :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


These are my "Dainty Anklets" I am making. I think they are very pretty.. but that my girlie is going to have to grow into them.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Socks 'n' such

Yesterday I finished these.. "Warm Their Toes" socks. I love them! They turned out very well. The fabric is very squishy and nice....Believe it or not, today was nice outside. I could actually take my girlie out for a toboggan ride! We had sun this morning.... but it didn't last long. It clouded in and warmed up. Thank goodness we did not get any more snow today! I think we have had more than enough! Gwyn enjoyed her boggan ride.

So, after finishing those socks.. I hunted down my next pair. I think they are super sweet and cute too!! I learnt to Turkish cast on to start these... I believe I tried that kind of cast on before but not sure if I actually used it. It is a great cast on and makes a nice neat toe. So, these socks are what I have been working on today.

So not much happening around our place.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Damn it's been cold outside. I know, I know, I choose to live here. But it is still damn cold out! LOL That did not stop Gwyn and I from venturing over to our new neighbors :)  Her little friend moved from across town (LOL 3 1/2 blocks) away, to right across the intersection. Which.. is great... and not so great... It is a somewhat busy gravel road which is the good part, and the bad, nobody slows down for town.. But we will see.. will be awhile before these little gals will be ready to go across on their own.. Maybe by then we will be out on the farm...And I won't have a great neighbor for Gwyn to go play with... :(  Might just mean the occasional trip into town for Gwyn and I's sanity! LOL  Anyways, we were over for a visit one day and Gwyn had a great play with her friend. So, I had rounded up some hand me downs (because these girls have different shapes and what doesn't fit one, fits the other) and we headed over for a quick drop off. Ended up being a wee little play too! And Gwyn loved it!!!  I do have to admit, I really enjoy visiting with the mommy too! Nice to talk mom to mom and not have to worry about one thinking the other is crazy... made me feel a little more sane as a mommy and with all the cabin fever running about too!  And those of you sitting in warmer temps.. yes.. we still get cabin fever... when it's cold you don't want to go anywhere, when it warms up YOU CAN'T go anywhere as it's freakin' snowing and blowing!!!

I have been knitting.. I am working on a pair of socks.  When I finish them.. hopefully soon... I will start a pair for Gwyn.. then something for my sister's bday, then mom's, then mother's day, then father's day, then.. then.. then.. then.. Christmas again!!! Flocked ducks anyways!! LOL I know, I don't have to.. but I love, love knitting, and it relaxes me.. I think. LOL I am trying out my new Addi Turbo needles and I love love them... They are fabulous. I am also using a Yarn Drum. Which you put your yarn into instead of a basket and you can take it with you and  it zippers shut and all that good stuff.  I love it because Gwyn can't get in and run off with a ball of yarn or get into my needles. The worst she does is pull the yarn.. but I can so live with that because she only does it once in awhile. I am knitting from one of the books I got for Christmas which is fantastic! Love the pattern.. but I hate when I am more concerned about what the sock will look like than the publishers... I had to go back and do some.. figuring on how to set up the pattern rows for the foot.. so that they were not all frocked up. Well.. I did a wee little frock up.. but it passes so I kept going. They are going to be beautiful socks!! At least I think so...

Anyhow, off to work on those socks...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Sunday

Well.. today we started with a little sleep in. Thank you Daddy for trying.  And I had a shower. Then we had pancakes for brunch.  After pancakes I cleaned up.. did a little knittin on my socks. Then I made 2 rice krispie cakes. :) After that... cleaned up a bit... cut the cakes.. started the van... went and swept off the van. Off to Gymnastics.  Gwyn fell asleep at kylemore.. bah.. so when we got home.. she is now sleeping... Makes for a late night again tonight but, what can one do?

Gwyn pulling her phone and dog around at the same time!

Melting marshmellows
counter ready to add rice krispie and m's to above marshmellows when ready
Finished cake... YUM!!

Bouncing Tigger!!

My latest socks....  (my what long legs you have my dear.... at least they feel that way...  not sure they will get a forth repeat of the pattern...will see...)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Warm their toes....

Well. That is what I have been working on.  You can tell as I  have 4 inches of socks.. and dishes in the sink... But, here is a pic for you to enjoy anyways!  Ah, well I will give you a couple.. one of the socks and some of my girlie..

These socks I started... Tuesday night, restarted Wednesday night, and actually got some pattern rounds on today and tonight.
The pattern doesn't show as well as it should.. but have not yet finished one full round of it.
 We got our girl outside today! It was great to get her on her toboggan and not have it horrid bitter cold out!

I think she enjoyed and would have stayed out longer.. but, I could see the red in her face and knew it was time to take her in.. before she got too cold!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Post 417. What?. oh, I guess... yeah...

Yup, looked at my number of posts and just about peed my pants.  Then I thought about it. I have been posting here for some time now. It used to be just crafty doodles that I had done up. A place to post about where and what James and I were working on. So, that family could keep up with us even though we were not in one place too long.  Then, well, Gwyn happened. It seems since Gwyn there has been very little time for anything else.  Which is on one hand the way it is supposed to be. I guess. And on the other... sometimes I just wish I had 10 minutes!!! LOL But any momma knows about that 10 minutes, it is happening right now.  Gwyn is in bed. My blog was calling.. there is laundry asking to be put in the dryer... I am looking through some knitting books I got for Christmas, that I didn't get the chance to really look at before now.  I am enjoying my.. 10 minutes.. or what might work into 2 hours.. and nothing will get done...  just time for me to wind down.

Gwyn loves the table that Grandpa made for her. She sits at it every chance she gets. Other than when lounging out in her big comfy chair to watch her shows.  She tries to escape our kitchen table with breakfast, lunch and supper, to eat there.  I don't mind too much as we have carpet in both rooms so whatever.  But I do like to see her at the table with us. 
 I just love my girls beautiful smile!  I love when we can play and she gets giddy. All the fun.. mind you, the squeal can be a little tough on the ears.. even though its a very happy one!!
 Here she is dancing on her cube... yup.. LOL She climbed up there to spin on it while dancing.. I dunno.... Think the cube is headed for the shed... soon!
 Gwyn wanted my camera today.. I tried to convince her, her camera would be better and we should go get it.. but... she wanted to take a picture.. NOW! So we did. Of Grandpa's handy workmanship. And her Babies. Tigger and Dolly on the floor. She hasn't named dolly so we call her baby, or dolly.. one day she will I am sure....  She has really gotten into her dolly's in the last bit. Plays with her dolls, stroller and tea set. All good.... Just means I have to be selective of what I tuck away.... I was going to put her shape sorters away.. but said nothing to anyone but her auntie over the Internet... and she got one out today and sorted the shapes 2 or 3 times into it. I do think she  prefers her puzzles now though. So.. they still might get tucked away.. for the next one... oh my...
Anyways.... I have babbled on long enough... I have to run for a pee and get to looking in my books and winding down.. before the midnight wake up occurs... LOL 

Talk to you all soon!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Yes, I can't believe it either!

I can not believe myself how much Gwyn grew last year! I do guess that is what kids do. Grow.
I do however love these little snuggle moments!!
 Gwyn loves her ketchup chips. She gets that honestly from her daddy. While we were away at gymnastics Daddy had some chips... well... when Gwyn got hungry for supper... she was helping herself.. so I gave her a bowl of her own at her table.. and she gladly sat and watched her show while eating them while I made supper. Mind you how much she ate for supper was reflective of what she ate prior!
She did however eat all her lunch at her table today. She didn't want to sit for lunch... so we tried eating at her table instead of the big table and she ate every bite! My hungry growing girl!!!

As for this new year stuff.. yes, new year... but still feeling the effects of last year.. I still have a bunch of Christmas gifts to sort and put away. I need to clean up Gwyn's room so it's more her room yet.. and I just feel too overwhelmed when I go in there to try and tackle it.. so I distract myself with something else!  I made rice krispie cake today. I just don't know where to start.  I have all this stuff that should be packed away... then I have all the stuff that needs to stay out... grr... and how is it that you choose toys your child has grown out of? I mean.. I would pack her ball drop away.. but she plays with the balls.. never with the giraffe anymore but a with the balls.  Her shape sorters she doesn't really even look at anymore but I still think they have play value... do they? This is what I mean about overwhelmed.... what do you start with and where do you finish?

So, New years resolutions??  Well, I want to cook better, more rounded meals.. I suck still so far.. but I know I can get there.  I want to declutter.. and comes the overwhelmed.. and yes start with one thing.. but in this house one thing is ten. Anyhow.. I will quit now.... I have to make some supper of sorts and we shall see what the rest of the evening goes.

Miss Em. for Marla, are you using Huggies training pants or padded underpants or the cloth training pants with the waterproof liner for potty training?? I looked at the padded underpants in Walmart when I was there.. and thought Gwyn is so not there!!  But then some online say that they train faster in cloth because they don't like wet... well... what about the oopsie poobears? Any who.. I am off...

Catch you all later...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

A year in pictoral review!