Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New Baby Bundle Has Arrived....

Hey, Just thought I would let you know she is here. She arrived on Sunday November 23rd. At 2:30pm(daddy guessed 2:30 Am on November 21.. but was a couple days late and had the wrong shift.. LOL). Uncle D did however guess it right!

She was 6lbs 11oz. at birth and 18 and 7/8 inches long.Proud Daddy above, Proud Gramma Below,Trying to catch some Zzzz's on the unit above, Catching zzzz's at grandma's after discharge.

Proud momma, with her new baby on day 2... still trying to catch up on some zzzz's.. for baby and me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crochet Baby Sweater.... Done.

Is it not cute? I love it! Think it turned out wonderful! Just do not look at my seams.. on the inside.. the outside looks good ... the inside.. another story. But I love how it turned out. The scallop and stitching around it is not supposed to be there.... I put it there because I thought the raw edge was rough. It sure girlied it up some!

Now to find something else to work on... mind you.. wont have to worry about that until my hunny heads back home... He drove in yesterday in that lovely snow.. for our breastfeeding class... I knew he would make it.. just wasn't sure about what time... and about the rest of them crazies on the road!!! He did make it and in plenty of time! Safe and sound and cursing the damn city drivers!!! LOL He says "everyone forgets how to drive as soon as the snow hits!" LOL I told him.... that's normal.. happens every year in the city!!! Plus! Agribition is in town... would rather call it aggravation.. but it is a damn good draw to the city.. just don't try to get anywheres fast when they are trying to get in or out of the grounds... LOL

Anyhow.. I have chattered on long enough and am queasy and hungry so better go feed us...

Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The scarf.. is done....

Well, I finished the scarf last night. Yes last night... 2 days of entertainment value... and a pretty scarf to show for it.. Now just to find someone with a coat that goes.. and I'm away... This is the kit for the crochet baby sweater.... I started the back of it.. and have a pretty good start... Just needed a change in position.. so that is why I am here.. telling you about the sweater and the scarf and not there crocheting the sweater!
This was the scarf after one day!

Yup, one day of knitting and I was almost done... although tucking in the ends did take a bit of time.. there were only a few... (enough to make you nuts)

These were the books I picked up to read... Mom said to read The Friday night knitting club book first(so far it's a good story) as the Ann Braashares book was all about tear jerking!!! And like I need to add to the hormonal tear pool now!!! LOL

So, I am thinking the last few days my body has been practicing contractions. Today, I had a couple a little more intense.. Nothing of a regular nature yet though... so no excitement... Soon though I hope... Baby is getting heavy... LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The scarf...

LOL, yes, I purchased the scarf box.... It's wonderful! The yarn is Lion Brand wool ease.. which I always thought was scratchy.. it's not.. it is beautiful soft! I thought it came with 15 pattern cards.. it came with 50 pattern cards! Wonderful! The knitting needles.. I thought oi.. plastic.. but, will do in a pinch.. they are beautiful Lion Brand plastic.. nice and smooth and wonderful.... I am impressed.. was well worth my $7.50... plus taxes of course... I started the scarf... I have gotten quite a ways with the scarf... LOL it's knitting up way too easy and way too fast! Will maybe dig out the camera and give you a pic tomorrow... we shall see!!

Birth Pool.. Or Birthday guesses...

Yeah... still here. In the city.. awaiting... 20 days to due day... but baby will decide on baby's own when baby is ready...

Fast approaching is the first birth date guess. Dad said November 17, which is tomorrow. My sis said the 19th, which is Weds. My DH said Nov.21 because we want to go out for supper and a movie that night... LOL. My BIL says Nov. 23, Val says Nov. 29, then we get into Dec.1 for my auntie, Dec.2 for my mom, Dec. 4 for my grandma, Dec.9 for my cousin(yes, late but not so much- Doc said Dec.10 and ultrasound tech said Dec.6 er 7).

So, we have quite the range! Though, dad's day is close approaching and think he may be proven wrong! I have not picked a day myself... I just figure I will wait and see....

Now.. on another note... My wrists are feeling somewhat better... I don't know if it is because I now put 2 pillows under my head so my arm isn't so squashed or what.. but my knitting stuff is at home.. and my ass is in the city.. isn't that just how it goes? I did see a knitting kit for a scarf... oi.. a scarf yes.. but knitting none the less in chapters.. for $10.00 in the bargain books.... So, because I am desperate.. I am going to break down and buy the damn thing and knit my soooo (un)favorite thing.... a scarf!!!(rolling my eyes at myself). There was a crochet kit there too.. I am tempted.. was a baby sweater... (shakes her head at herself). Hubby is coming to town on Weds. Should ask him to bring my knitting basket... and I just have to figure what yarn to ask him to bring that won't be so crazy to find these days.... LOL or even the pattern to find... ah... might just have to figure what I can do here... :D

Well.. that's my wandering mind for now...
Catch you all later!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the city, trying not to count the days....

Well, I am in the city. I am awaiting the arrival of my little bundle of joy! I am getting excited. Although it feels like a long road is ahead to get to holding this bundle. Space is getting tight for baby yet, baby is still in there growing.... My mom and dad have started a list of "birth day" guesses. There is everything from November 17(dad) to Dec 9(my cousin). So everything from somewhat early to just a wee bit late. I didn't put down a date. I don't know what date I would put down.... I feel like she should be early.. but the doctor keeps telling me first baby's are normally on time or late.. so. I guess we have to wait and see when baby is ready.

When I was at home I managed to get the cloths put away. Hubby set up the crib. There are some things that could be done yet, but nothing pressing.

I wish I could knit... It would sure help pass the time about now... I guess I could have packed a book to read... but didn't really feel like reading anything.. Odd isn't it? I would love to be knitting little baby goodies... *sighs* Oh well.. I am sure I will be plenty busy... and entertained once baby is here!

Well.. before I ramble on and on and on... I am off and running... So, that is all that's on my mind about now...


Sunday, November 09, 2008


Anybody else tried this out? I love it! Wish I could get all the blogs to do it.. not all the ones I read will... but I love that it pops up with the new post from whoever posted that is on my list... Love it!!! If you hate checking blogs for updates.. It is the best way to go.. it shows you the new posts.. then you can go and check out that post!!! Way too cool!!!

I love it, anybody else love it? er otherwise?

Something new to read?

Well, I am just betting you are waiting for something new to read... I have shown you pics of the blankets and such. Hubby set up the crib we thankfully borrowed from my sister. I have laundry on the go to get some bedding ready. And so I have some cloths to wear tomorrow... LOL I packed up, went to the city, thinking I was going to stay.... The doctor said she would see me again in 2 weeks.. so no worries.. I decided to come home for a couple more days..grab my pillow, my sweat pants for travel.. and head for home! Then I could help my love with the crib(even though I didn't really). Do some laundry and some dishes(don't come by unless you want to see every dish in the house dirty.... that's what happens when you live on the run!!!). And get all these baby cloths that I won't need in the first few days of baby being born put into the drawers in the baby's room... now... normally one would think this an easy thing.. ROTF LMAO You saw, my mom's list of purchased clothing... LOL now, she has shopped a wee bit more.. we have added what I purchased into that... and the blankets I made.. the cloths my sister had set aside..... the cloths I borrowed from my sister with the crib.... The car was full... Now I have no idea how to sort them and get them in the drawers so as to function with ease... outfits or parts? by size or by item? I sorted all the 12 mo. plus sized stuff out so now I have the 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9's out.. how to sort them? as some of the 6-9's look like they should fit a 3-6 and some of the 3-6 look bigger than the 6-9's... I guess I shall figure it out.. one piece at a time. Maybe, or a drawer at a time. LOL

Any of you with babies have pointers on how to sort it?

OK, now that the fun is said.. I have a beef. At this point I am glad I am not doing a lot of driving... The car is not so bad to drive... the truck.. LOL feels like a bus when I get the wheel up so it doesn't rub my baby belly.. so I tipped it down a wee bit... and it would catch the belly from time to time but nothing serious... though baby didn't like it one bit!!! That is not the beef though... This is: What the hell is it with people and the bloody fog lights when there is no fog!!!!!!! No fog!!! That is just as bad as driving with your brights on when you should dim them to me!!! Turn the things off!!! And I have yet to meet a car that hasn't got a switch to turn fog lights on and off so.. No bull shit. Turn them off! I get that it is much brighter and great and lovely and all that! I have them.. I tried them... I don't want to blind other drivers.. so unless it's foggy(the reason they are intended for) I keep them turned off and use my brights when I can.. and my dims the rest of the time. I think the cops should be ticketing for it. Seriously. Some of those fog lights I would rather be brighted than fogged.... Ok... now I am done.. that was my beef.

So, my happy note.... Less than a month!!!! Yes, even though baby's are easier to look after on the inside.. I am very excited to meet this beautiful little bundle on the outside! Even if that means lots more work.... I can't wait til her daddy can meet her!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pictures, pictures.. and more pictures????

Here are the pics of the receiving blankets I have been working on... These ones are the single layer of flannel that I just roll hemmed on the serger. See how the hem looks so pretty? this is the rolled hem my serger does. Woolly Nylon would have filled the space in the stitches.. but I used normal serger thread, I like how these turned out.These are 2 of the double layer flannel receiving blankets. The pink is the flannel that Daddy couldn't resist... and the blue is the flannel that mommy couldn't resist!
This is the third double layer flannel blanket.
This is a close up of the pink that Daddy couldn't resist.
This is a close up of the blue Mommy couldn't resist.
This is a new shelf in the "babies" room. To put mommy's crafty stuff up. Material and yarn... it faces the one on the other side that I showed you way back when hubby built it for me.
This is why, I think if I am to sew Christmas presents next year.. I should find someone to rent a room from.... I don't think baby's crib/bed will fit in here while mommy's sewing... LOL and there is no room in the rest of the house for this kinda setup either!

So, there are some exciting new photos for you to look at. I took photos of the Christmas sewing I did too.. but I can't show you.... until after Christmas!!!!
Catch you later!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Odds and ends...

Well today I hope to get some laundry done. And get to sewing on receiving blankets. I do hope I can get my serger to do a nice rolled hem... that would be really nice! I am sure I can figure it out. I will show you pics of them later, if I get to them. I did manage to get all the PJ pants sewn... that factory style sewing works well... as long as you don't have too many colours going on... LOL

I am a little tired from yesterday. I was in Yorkton... again... LOL and was trying to get some Christmas shopping done. I did manage to get a few things taken care of...

I was in the quilting shop.. and they had the neatest fat quarter packet....

Or Pocket as they call it... It is sooo neat! OK, so I don't have the patience to quilt.. doesn't mean I don't like the fabrics and stuff... LOL I had to show you!

What else.. not much. Happy Hallows day (if last night was Hallows eve). I had 3 trick or treater's. I got home at about 7pm and must have missed the rest of them...

That's it.