Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby Belly

OK, some asked... elsewhere.. and just in case you wanna see it. Here is my 4 and a bit month baby belly. Remember, there was a round bit of jelly belly there before... so it's not all baby! At least not yet!!! LOL still have a long way to go!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Outlook, Garden, Flowers... and that kinda stuff... LOL

Well, we are in Outlook now building bins. I guess I should really say, Hubby is building bins... I am doing very little. The heat just kills me. We have a little bunny friend at the yard.. comes over to visit almost everyday.

This is how the garden is coming. Looks good... for the most part. A couple things are kind of week but, could be that it isn't a good year for them or that they take longer to come along. We shall see how it goes.
This is the field of Daisies that were out in front of the house..... somebody mowed them down.....but he didn't like them so... and the weeds were in underneath.

My painted mums came back to bloom another year... very happy it seems so many blooms! Mind you I missed when they were new and fresh so you get a picture of them looking a little wilty and tired.
These are in the flower bed too.... I don't know if they are painted mums or daisies or what... but they are pretty peaking out!
Evil Chives! See them! They look so good and great and grow wonderful.. trouble is they grow way too well!!!! they have spread all over!! They are just crazy!!So that it. All I have for pics right now... I suppose I could have taken pics of the yard in outlook...but it would be kind of boring as all that is there is hopper cones with bin packages in front of them.... maybe next time. OH AND! I forgot to take pics of the socks! I finished them.. but will take a pic and show you next time.
Anybody know where THE WEST COAST DIVA went? Her blog is down and I miss her. :( Let me know if you find her.
As for me, 4 months and a wee bit gone... 5 and a bit to go. I am glad our summers are shorter.. I know I know! How dare I say that.. but even the fall temps of mid twenties(Celsius) would be much nicer. I know I know... cool temps will be here soon enough! But I am cooking! Glad I broke down and bought a swimsuit... LOL and no, no pics of that! Maybe a pic of me later.... if it turns out okish. I had family/friends on Face book request a updated pic... apparently a 3 year old wedding pic is out of date... ROTFL Oh well.
Anyways, beyond the lack of heat tolerance all is good! Catch you all later!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Robins... Bins....

Hey, Have some more babies for you to see. Remember the nest pics with the eggs... here are the babies that came from that!

On other exciting news.... We finished Tugaske's Bins. Now we are off and running to Outlook. I really should say that Hubby and his dad finished Tugaske's bins. I was a little under the weather and they took off and did 4 bins one day, 2 bins the next between rains... skipped a day and did 5 bins.. mind you the roof on these bins were done complete already. Just sidewall and mounting to finish them... but they sure were speedy about it! Feels good to be done those ones... will feel even better when we are done the Outlook bins! :)
Anyhow, I have things to get done.. so off and running... will catch you all later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Ultrasound Pics

So, Here you go.... Pic of baby at 3 months (13weeks), inside :D. I think it is pretty clear which end is which! And according to the ultrasound.... we have an active little one in there.... but enjoy the pics will catch you later!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Doctor's and ultrasounds.....

I went to the doctor on Tuesday. All is going well. She said to keep up the good work with the baby growing. So all is right on track.

Yesterday, I went for an ultrasound. That was great! The technician was wonderful!!!!! She showed me arms, legs, spine, face, heartbeat, and much more. The little one wasn't being very co-operative though... LOL jumping around in there... what usually takes about 1/2hour took more like a full hour... though I can't say I will complain about the extra time seeing baby!!! So cool they have this technology now... MOM was super excited to see!!! I have pics for hubby who was working on the farm and at home and couldn't get away. Dad is very excited to see pics too... according to mom who said he sounded excited to see! When I get home I will scan the pics and show you all... they are neat... not the clearest.. but still super neat!!! better than nothing!!! Which is what they used to get!

OK. After the ultrasound we went to see my auntie to show her the pics. And see her new flooring... beautiful flooring in her house.... anyways... while we were having tea she told us about a used baby stuffs store right by her place... so we went over after tea to take a look. I bought a couple of those nighty sleepers and some nice diaper type shirts... will show you again when I get home. We went to Costco and had a hot dog for supper.... I know not the healthiest but I had been craving one for over a week... so there I had one.. then we went to Winner's and I bought a sleeper set that had the sleeper, the diaper shirt, a pair of footed pants, hat, burp cloth and a bib! Too cute in the sweetest green!!!

So that is my excitement.... I know... Baby nuts.... Will have socks(mom's socks) to show you soon too I hope!!! Then I will be knitting some baby stuffs... I hope!!! LOL

Talk to you all again soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy News and Great fun...

Well... Let's start with happy news.... Hubby and I are extending the family. Our new arrival is due Dec. 7 - 10 ish. My dad is saying baby will be here in November though... Just because My sis and I were both early... we shall see.... Been so busy with doc appoints and work and and and... I am surprised I remember where I live... LOL It's all good though. :D

Now.. great fun!!! Went off to the Sask. Stitches Conference for the weekend! Had Classes on knitting from Lily Chin. Was great to meet Lily and visit with her. The weekend was very fun too!!! Mind you the classroom we were in was very warm!!! First day we sat in the middle and it was too warm... second day we sat at the back in front of the fan!!!! Good move.. as I think I wouldn't have made it through the day otherwise. :)

Anyhow... that beyond work is about all that is going on.....
Guess I will catchya later!!!