Sunday, December 30, 2007

See What else Dad fixed over the holidays...

See this? it needs some oil to finish it.... and it needs some hooks... then its almost ready... I need a wee little wedge too... But, at least the main part is fixed.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Eve,

Here are some pics of the beautiful little man we met on Christmas eve! He was only 4 days old! Beautiful and Perfect!!!

He was so tiny and so beautiful! And his mommy & daddy just loves him to bits! Very nice to see. His mommy is our niece, so, I think that makes us great auntie and uncle, though because our ages are a wee bit closer, we will say we are auntie and uncle to this little bundle of joy!

Will be nice when we can sneak back and visit again!

Friday, December 28, 2007

As for me......

Spoiled. The only word for it.

I received all this lovely yarn!!!! mmm it's yummy soft and beautiful... now just what to make with it all!!!!

I also received this lovely little creation from my sis..... I love it....

Then there were books and tags ands sewing needles and all sorts of other goodies..... An Italian charm bracelet came in that bunch of goodies too! It has a devil, a sewing machine, a dragon fly, and a xoxo charm on the bracelet... very fun!
Hubby treated me to jewelery, a necklace(late for my birthday he said....), and Earrings!
Oh and what trouble I caused with them earrings...... I wanted to dip them in alcohol to disinfect them before I wore them.... and what did I do? I dropped one down the sink. Now one would think by now I would know to put the damn plug in... but no I forgot. So, Christmas day and dad is pulling his sink apart...... he had to cut the pipe as the trap was glued, not only that, then he found that the damn thing had bigger problems.... So, he spent boxing day repairing the damage done... Not fun. For that I am sorry...... But he did manage to get my earring back!!! Dad's are awesome that way!
So that was my excitement..... well most of it....

Gifts Given

Dad's Package - 1 thin sock, 1 thick sock and a neck warmer. BIL- 2 Pairs of Jammy Pants
Grandma- 1 Fleece Vest
Momma- 1 Nightie and a pair of sockies
Sis- 2 pair pants and 1 pair socks

Hubby, received a pair of leather gloves, and a couple movies he wants to see, as well as his Nintendo DS and FF game.
There are 3 more to show... but not yet... they have not yet been opened!


Hey! Today there may be a few posts through the day..... I have pictures of what I gave for Christmas....I am hoping to do some cleaning and such and therefore may find goodies to show you... we shall see... as I realized... we have no milk... so have to get to a store at some point today. The fun of being away... But I had a great Christmas!!!! Spoiled and around the family... what more can ya ask for?
Anyways... more in a bit...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

OOH Boxing Day....

OOh how nice it is to hit boxing day.... the recovery day... LOL at least for some of us... others are out there running around like crazy, shopping up the bargains... eh.. too much bother... though might find myself out there for a short bit at some point... Others are having to work in those crazy shops. Hopefully everyone, after having it all on Christmas day are happier and friendlier to the staff, not like the madness one sees before Christmas....

Do any of you go shopping boxing day for the deals? And for deals on what?

Catchya's later.... be nice out there! LOL
Talk to you all later...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Happy Holidays!!!!

Good morning, Do you see this? My Christmas Cactus looks to want to bloom for new year's. I think the poor thing is out a week.... but, at least I will be home to enjoy it!!! I hope... if the weather is good... might have to go get that jump on that work... we shall see what the weatherman throws!!!See all them little buds coming? I wasn't sure if they were buds or new growth but they are very round so I am thinking it is buds for those beautiful flowers.... :)
In spirit of Christmas... we didn't get a tree. We have a small space and tend to spend Christmas at mom and dad's anyways.... so, I know... I know... we don't set up a tree, we enjoy mom and dad's. So this year, here is my tree. LOL Not all my presents fit under it considering most of the gifts already migrated to the city!!!! LOL and these will migrate with us too.
Well, HOOORAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished my last pair of socks. Here, you see a photo, that by the looks is a little blurry. It shows the pattern. I will show pictures later. I already wrapped them or I would take a better closeup this morning, as that one was taken late last night. Feels good to be done.... with a few day's to spare!
I hope all your holiday crafting and planning is coming together!!!
Happy Christmas and Merry New years!
(I am betting I will be back to post again, before the holidays are over.... maybe even before the day is over!! LOL)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Borrowed from Cass, Who borrowed from Ellie :D

Post the first line of your first journal entry of each month for 2007:

January: Hey all,Well, I didn't wake up completely better, but I did wake up feeling much better.

Feb.: Hubby and I made a trip to the city.

Mar: This is James and I leaving the farm after pushing up this morning's snow.

Apr: Hey all, Just stopped home quick.

May: I want to say blowing like hell but, hell burns, not sure if it blows!

June: So, I have been Slacking! We finished in the Yard on Friday!!!

July: Hey, I finished my socks. Yes, MINE! LOL special just for me!!!

Aug: Apparently we got horrid hail here yesterday!

Sept: Ok, now that I have recovered from my throw out. LOL Yes, It was very satisfying to throw it out at the time, but, at the same time very disappointing.

Oct: OI, it has been some hell. 22'08 Twister, was a bust. So, built the roof and that was it, all because we didn't want to touch their used bins.

Nov: Hey all! Good morning after! Yes morning after Halloween! I hope you all had some fun of some sort.

Dec: Hey, here is my first attempt at an ear band. Yes I was following a pattern from "The designer One Skein Wonders" and I used a yarn that wasn't thick enough so I got a smaller version of what I wanted than what I wanted... but it still looks ok.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas... Who said Christmas!!!

Hey, Yeah, K I am down to the heel turn on the last sock. I'm doing good. Would have been done if I hadn't gone to the city today. Let me tell ya, for a little city, it was nuts. No happy cheerful people.. just all them with a grumpy, rushed last minute madness disposition... ahh that's not nice... I must say the minivan that parked beside me brought out some madness... I had to crawl through the car, hitting my head to get in. I knew I had to crawl through or go back into the mall and find the admin office and all that crap to get them to move the van... I didn't do that, I left a note and crawled through.... I mean everyone has a bad time but, when your parking in a lot.. don't ya think ya should leave more than hmm... 3 inches of open door space? I mean, I couldn't get an arm through really!!! SAD. I carried on, got done what I had to and got home to my quiet happy home :) much nicer than that craziness out there... I hope the only stop we make while we are away is at the gas bar's for fuel... and well for friends and family... no shopping!!!! LOL

I will be so glad when I am done this sock... that means I am done all my Christmas shopping and crafting... I could say I am done now but I have this sock... LOL

Gotta run, sock is waiting... well actually bed is waiting!!!
good night all!!

Sharon's Blogversary Contest

Go, check it out! She has the cutest bear pattern that she is giving away!!! (tittle of this post is the link)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It was a beautiful day for a walk....

Hey, Yes, I was out walking again... I have the sock I was working on worked to the gusset... meaning I am starting the decrease after the heel turn... It is looking good so far... should get it done soon... I hope!! Anyways... was a beautiful day out there.. Nice and crisp, no wind.. well a little breeze but nothing Gail force!!! Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

I just love the way the snow sticks in the trees...very pretty.....(although that evergreen has a mean lean!!)

These poor devils are overloaded with snow!!!
You can see light dusting of snow in the trees behind the yard down the ally.
The end of the road! It looks pretty the way the trees arch and the snow stuck in them here.
The trees in the graveyard had some pretty snow build up too!

Across the fields... somewhat snowy, you can still see the tracks in the dirt under the snow.
These shots make it look a little hazy, and I do suppose it was... but it was still beautiful out!!

And this, tree's with snow stuck on them... the wind having not disturbed them... makes for a beautiful picture... I know... Looks like a bunch of sticks in the snow... but I like it.... :P
Well off to do some dishes and finish up I hope the first of the pair of socks I need to finish!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Yes I finished those socks. :) Yesterday. I have a close up of the fabric. They are a gift and the person whom is receiving them may be reading this now....

This morning we woke up to no power. Yes in the dark, no power. So, we stayed in bed till the sun was up... Still no power. Getting cold in the house.. so Hubby ran out to get the propane tank for the shop heater he bought and was going to start it up to keep things from freezing... well. he got the tank in the house and the power went on... LOL so, it's good.
Now I have another pair of socks on the needles.. I have yet to decide if they are too big or not... LOL I think I might need a break from socks.... maybe.... then again... LOL
I will finish them up in time for Christmas and all will be well.. I have to run, will catch you all later!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, I have done well today. Yes I realize it is only 2pm. I am not nuts... least not yet. LOL I got up nice and early(what is it about missing your bed so much in one night and coming home an feeling like your bed is not yours?). Truth is my neck and shoulders were hurting so I had to get up. Hubby was hungry too. So, I got up made him his breaky(egg wrap if your wondering). Then readied my breaky(half and half of regular cheerios and fruity cheerios, very yummy, you should try... got them whole grains in um and taste good). I had a large cup of Green tea. I had breaky, did my dishes up, been working at my laundry. I turned the heel on the sock I am working on. Made lunch. Changed a load of laundry. Ate lunch. Went for a walk from 1:20pm to 2:00pm, 40 minutes. The weather though is it snowing a wee little bit is beautiful!!! I walked out the back door, put on my surefoots(spikes for the icey spots) and headed out the ally. I walked down the ally to the corner, up the street to the gravel, walked up the gravel to the stop sign by the grave yard. I then turned and walked down to the approach past the grave yard(bout mid way on the next field). Turned around walked back. Walked up to Railway Ave, walked down it, to the old Margo Hotel, turned toward SDL and walked back to the street I walked out on, turned walked to the ally and then back into our yard and was home. LOL I know sounds like quite a walk for 40 min. I thought I would have been gone longer but I guess my legs aren't totally useless yet!!! Good thing!!! Felt sooooo good to be out there walking. :) I feel good. I have accomplished a lot in such a little bit of a day so far. :) Now just to turn the heel on them socks and get the foot done up so I can sew up the toe and wrap that gift... then one more pair to go. I have one load of laundry to go in the washer.... good thing I got to the laundry I think we were getting close to going naked.... LOL and that may be more fun indoor sports wise folks but let me tell ya -12cel. with a small wind chill... Neked would be no fun at all!!! None!!!!! :) Well only if you could stay inside. :P

Ok, so that was today. Do we wanna rewind to... say Thurs? Hubby and I were going to the city to pick up a pair of doors we ordered. So, we figured ok. if we went early enough we could treat mom to lunch and then grab the doors and head for home... well.. Weds said the truck needed an alternator, yeah ok. So, thurs AM hubby was going to take truck for said alt. We slept in instead, completely forgetting about the truck. OI. so, I call making a hair appointment cuz I really really really really really needed a haircut, for 2:30pm, should be no problem. HA! that was leaving town at 11:30am..... we got just out of town, hubby remembers the alt. when the truck electrically chokes itself. Whip around getting a wee bit caught in the ditch(couple rocks back and forth to get out), to get back into town to get an alt. I think it was changed in 15min. flat. Then on our way again. Now thinking this stop to pick up fibre at a friends house may not have been the brightest idea around... but make the swap anyways.... make good time on the gravel get to the city 2:25pm. Good thing the mall is right on the edge there where we came into the city. I made it on time. Unfortunately not a great haircut... she thinned it, without cutting it... OI Next time it's back to the gent who does it without fail in a way that looks good and feels good till it grows out!!! Should have known better but it's lighter and it is not in my eyes... so I guess I will live with that!! *sighs* we then did a little shopping, grabbed pizza for supper for Mom and Dad and us. Stayed the night(I did mom's wrapping, and dad's) I love wrapping presents... we had a good visit. Then Friday we did running... bought me 2 nice bra's. Nice new, pretty bra's and I would show you pics but... Don't want any creeps hanging around!! LOL Checked out a book I was looking at... It isn't that great... so, left it there. Went to walmart, Costco, Superstore, Canadian Tire and we still made it out of town by 3;30ish? We picked up our doors and headed for home. Had A&W in Fort Quapelle for supper, then carried on the rest of the way home. Made it home in time to catch the most part of Ghost whisperer and the whole of Moonlight(love the show). And that is about it.

And onto today... speaking of today... my dryer stopped and I have another load to go... LOL Still feeling awesome about my accomplishments today..... :) I am off an running to see what else can get done!! Maybe them sockies!!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whats up?

Hey all,

Sorry I haven't said much. I've been busy... LOL Like that is a surprise for all of you, right? Week before last I was setting up an Etsy store! It's a great little place, Love it!! (etsy you know)------------------------------->
see the link?
So, I set up my little shop with goodies I have made, and some that sis has made. And there it was. I got into the forums and attempted the chat. It's good for promoting... Though everyone in there sounded like they knew each other and I do suppose that if you spent enough time in there you would get to know a few people too... which is cool... but I have knitting needed done for Christmas yet! LOL So, that is that. The store is set up, very cool.

Then last week we went to the city. We were waiting for our doors to get finished so we could bring them home, because the week before, we were told they would be ready in the beginning of that week. So there we were in the city, with the truck(good on fuel but not as good as the car... LOL), waiting for these doors. Thursday we find out the doors will not be ready until the beginning of next week because they are behind!!!!! So, we get what we wanted otherwise(filled the truck, so good thing we have to make 2 trips, it all wouldn't have fit in one!), and headed home. My momma of course wanted us to just stay the weekend, and head back when the doors were done... but, Hubby wanted to get some stuff done around here so... we came home.

This week has been quiet and busy. LOL We were going to go to Yorkton Monday but ended up staying home. I badly need a haircut.. and I mean hang in your eyes make you absolutely insane need a hair cut. But it was too late in the day to get a walk in appointment... and when you fly by the seat of your pants... that's what you get.

I made my first Etsy sale on Monday night. A girl who couldn't pass up my low priced mittens. Here I thought I was in the right ball park and then after they sell I found out they are in the cheap park.. Oh well, good experience right? And if the gal couldn't leave them because she loved them and was scared at that price someone else would snaffle them up then it's all good! Least I think so. Tuesday morning I packaged them up, receipt and all. Went down to my lovely post office and was given a number to call about extra papers to let the mittens across the boarder... OI.. Because wool is restricted... so I was told. So I call the number and they tell me, I am not commercial so talk to Canada Post. Frustration is running high now because, CANADA POST TOLD ME TO CALL THEM!!!! So, now I calm down enough to call the 1-800 for Canada post. The girlie there is very helpful, says most things will go through just that it is restricted and that they may take a little longer in customs or they may come back to me. So, down to the post office I went and put them into the mail. Done. I do hope they travel in a timely manner and make it to my wonderful purchaser!!!! I have a friend whom sends full fleeces to the US so I am thinking my lovely mittens should fly through no problemo!

Yesterday, the car had an oil change, Hubby had someone out from crop insurance(trying to figure out the numbers so they added up, we figure mis-measure, but hubby looked again and figures the numbers are right... so we shall see). I worked on my sock. I am getting closer to done sock one of my pair. These are good size socks... for 9.5 to 10 ladies foot... very long foot!! Then I have one pair to do up... yes one pair... and they are small... size 6 ladies... very nice!! LOL So I guess, I should get off to doing them up.

LOL Talk to you all later!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Socks, Swaps and other such..

These are the sockies I made for my nephew for Christmas. They will be put with his jammie pants.
This was a fat quarter swap from my quilting group.
Same swap different gal!
Same swap, different gal again!

Are the kitties not just soo cute?

and sorry for the lack of content and the lot of photos... will chat more later, tiz late and I'm tired... gnighty

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good morning, I hope....

Well, it's been crazy. You know you come to the city and run non-stop. It's crazy, but at the same time... it's fun. Yes, call me nuts. I don't care! LOL I love some of the running.. mind you... Best Buy on a Week end in December... probably even in Mid November... I do not recommend. Why? Because there is NO PARKING!! (go during the week, probably daytime! Same with places like Costco) Everyone is all over the place parked like nutcases! Madness!!! We parked at Rona... and walked over... much nicer.. the store was crazy too though... and well... not so bad to navigate it's just those whom park themselves in front of an item for like 1/2 an hour!!!! Buy it or back up just a wee bit? I know... I may be guilty of that too... but, I would like to think I pay attention to those around me and back off when someone wants to read about a product that they have tonnes in stock of. Oh well, that's a rant I'm done with, sorta. It didn't help that I was feeling oozy sick sorta either. But, I've been feeling better the last couple days... was just last week and little bits here and there now. But, I feel much better.

I cast on a sock for my nephew. I haven't finished the head/ear band at home yet... LOL it is needing sewn up. It is getting there... the second attempt I think turned out wonderful... will know better when I get done sewing it! As for the socks... I have the leg, and heel done on one sock. It works up so quick cuz he has small feet!!! LOL Not like his older brother's... YET! LOL

Well, think I am going to run.... have some things to do in the city today. It rained last night! EWWWWW!!! and is now snowing on top of that! Wonderful! you know??

TTYL - Had a nasty headache/migraine last night... still have remnants of it... know how they hang about? So, will catchya later!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The headband

Hey, here is my first attempt at an ear band. Yes I was following a pattern from "The designer One Skein Wonders" and I used a yarn that wasn't thick enough so I got a smaller version of what I wanted than what I wanted... but it still looks ok. So here are the pics of what I have been working on the last couple days. I am in the process of #2 because this one wouldn't work for whom it was meant... so... try try again! The yarn is nice and soft and fuzzy... I think it is acrylic though, I remember my sis touching it at one point and saying it was scratchy so may have a touch of wool in it... It's going to a girlfriends daughter.
This one is a bit fuzzy..
Now, here is the new shed. Here it is. It is up and functioning. It doesn't seal to the ground or anything so... basically will keep the snow off the lawn mower and rototiller this winter.
Works also as a make shift garage when our garage is full and the truck needs a little TLC.
Hubby and I don't recommend this shelter.... unless you have a very very level space tucked in some trees or something.... Oh well. It will do the trick, for now.

Anyways... off an running have things to do and such! Catchya's later!